The ONLY Teamfighting Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends

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44 thoughts on “The ONLY Teamfighting Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends

  1. Hey guys I hope you enjoyed our FREE mini course about teamfighting! If you want to see more content then please hit the like and sub button 🙂
    Want unlimited, easily-accessible, 24-7 coaching from high elo players? Then check out our website:

  2. As an adc main learning that the enemy assasin killed me before ally assasin could kill their adc can be quite frustrating 🙁

  3. Thanks. Saw a few mistakes I always make. Mostly play back line mages and box out single players to remove them from the battle. This should help out with that

  4. I have recently come to LEL platform from dota, but anyways. If you're helping newcomers to make an entrance, then help illustrate the champion? Who is twitch? Who is Pyke? Show a clip of that hero to help visualizing who they are, and what are their signature skills.

  5. please, PLEASE use grammarly on your scripts, and learn possessive rules. Your advice is discredited by improper use of the medium language.

  6. The secret is to have a 6th team mate to spectate and tell everyone what to do. That way all you have to worry about is playing your champ 🙂

  7. I think the overall damage in this game is too high. Even if you build full tank, you tend to die within 2 seconds.

  8. Make a tutorial on the different kind of supports that exist, some supports don't do well with certain adc/apc, while some others have an amazing compatibility like Morgana-Lux bot.

  9. First point of the vid: front line – middle like- backline

    Me at plat elo watching my team: "you go first, no you go first", let’s get our adc front/middle line, or the typical vayne player who is always front line

    Nah seriously, I can’t take these line things serious, it’s just that no one looks at it in lower elo

  10. This guide is unfortunately most or even largely only effective for teams who actually play with each other regularly/who communicate and work together, but the majority of players are Solo Q where even in Platinum this isn't something you can rely on.

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