The Only Champion Riot Has Ever Removed From League of Legends – An Aatrox Documentary

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Today, let’s talk about a league of legends champion that has a very interesting history, Aatrox. He is really the only champion that was ever removed or deleted from league of legends. Even though he was broken and an op champion for season 10 to climb ranked, that doesn’t mean he deserves the treatment to be removed. I love the aatrox rework and I think aatrox is one of the best top laners to climb with in season 10, but not everyone feels that way in league of legends…

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43 thoughts on “The Only Champion Riot Has Ever Removed From League of Legends – An Aatrox Documentary

  1. Why do people care, and why do you only play one champion. Id rather have good healthy champs that arent troll picks.

  2. The only queston that i want an answer is "If the RIOT changed some abilities of some characters and then changed back in their old abilities why they don't want to change this "thing" in the old Aatrox?" They(RIOT) want Aatrox as a second Riven or there are more players that
    like the new Aatrox (in my point of view why did you want a second Riven, but…)or they(Riot) don't even know what to do with this character ?.
    I my point of view i like the old Aatrox and i hope Riot to change this joke if they ever observe what big mistake Riot made.

  3. the new aatrox is a strong champ, I see people out there doing great with him instead of complaining about what was lost.

  4. He was a champ that was a bit low on power for a long time, but I really liked him and the rework destroyed the champ completely. Why did they not just make a new champ?

  5. new aatrox became the real war god that old aatrox never became with his playstyle.
    trust me this rework not have any extra meaning. its was a rework, but a thematic one unlike others thats the reason.

  6. I mained Aatrox, Middle Fiddlesticks (when it was a thing, got mastery 7 with him), Top Kalye, and Pantheon. I don't fucking understand why the fuck they have to keep fucking with my champions, pisses me off to no end.

  7. I also really liked the rework,i don't enjoy right clicking champs. The only thing i ask is the revive and the the 2 stacks of E

  8. they will delete aatrox?and yet they release victorious aatrox?hahaha

    i was expecting aatrox vx tryndamere for vs event

  9. Oh boo hoo, champs have been reworked plenty in the past, seems like most people just don't give a damn until it hits their beloved mains. Plenty of us have been hit with plenty champ changes that for someone who mains them is gonna get fucked. Rito doesn't care.

  10. FFS that's EXACTLY what I told all of my friends who play League.
    It's not a rework, it's different champ with Riven Q…
    Not like I ever mained top and Aatrox especially, but he was fun to play, even before they made his old kit viable before actual rework.
    SAD. F Aatrox…

  11. "it was no longer needed" because Aatrox was overloaded and stat-check heavy near the tail end, before his rework. Riot purposefully made him that strong to see if it was his viability that was keeping people from playing him… it wasn't. This did however make a lot of 1-trick Aatrox mains who abused that tail end to climb high. When he got reworked.. they stopped getting easy wins and then complained.

    People, like me, played aatrox from the start who really dug his theme and half of his playstyle. Aatrox was still glaringly another member of the right-click-heavy, stat checky champions the likes of Trynd, trundle, xin, etc.

    And I can guarantee you this: After trox got reworked, his "mains" replaced him with trynd, trundle, nasus etc. There is no doubt in my mind. These types of champions are what I call the "Trick2Click" champions. The right-click-heavy champs that just rely mostly on their stats.

    Aatrox is awesome now. I'm even happier now that his revive is gone.

  12. i hope the old one will come back, i mean, ryze got rework a lot of times, so aatrox cound be reworked again too.

  13. Aatrox was my first Main champion … it was so much fun playing him. I never touched him after the rework. Rip my old friend

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