The ONLY Aphelios Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

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This is the ONLY Aphelios guide you’ll EVER NEED.

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48 thoughts on “The ONLY Aphelios Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

  1. Let us know your thoughts about Aphelios in the comments below! Will he ever be balanced? Or are we going to have another Kalista?

  2. Aphelios is actually very powerful once u use him for a while and get used to his abilities. runnaans hurricane item is an essiential pick for mastering this champion, and using it will definitely help u max out his abilities. All of the weapons each have there different strengths and weaknesses.

  3. I don't play blind pick, so basically I don't play new champions on release, unless I play ARAM, and also the team will always flame u, no matter if the champ just got released, if u don't main it ur trash

  4. Normally you would think guides would help you learn the champion, explain things such as combos, examples of positioning. Not something that you can learn by playing him once. Like ik all of this and I have him master 1 still. I've done quite well and I want to improve on myself with this champion but how will I do that when this "guide" and it apparently "being the only one I'll ever need" if it doesnt explain jack shit about how to improve with this champion

  5. I just downloaded League Of Legends and i saw the offer of Aphelios pack with the nightbringer skin. Should i buy?

  6. Wow hes really hard to Master especially Im not a Gamer, just trying lol because my cousin plays LOL everyday on my PC, im just new to lol and i just accidently buy Him, I just waisted my BE

  7. its great they want you to master him but he doesn't take much to master and he is crazy freaking op. he is getting 1 shot pentas daily

  8. You've probably said this in the video, but you can leave a weapon at at least 2 above or 11 below ammo so that when fighting, you can do an AA and Q, then you'll get your next weapon then you're gonna AA and Q again. This probably won't be good with Gravit and Crescend

  9. nightblue support it 😀 hahaha who support him? He got so many kids banned jsut for being better than him in LoL. I saw NB a lot in the old days. but the toxicity came over him too. like anyone else in League. so now he reports or bans all better than him who he cant win over. NB is a toxic kid!

  10. At times, I don't even know which weapon I'm holding.
    It's like an Udyr that can only switch between two stances during a certain period and all forms have the same color.

  11. 8:12–8:18
    if that's true.. DOES THAT MEAN ALUNE IS RIOT

  12. have not seen a good aphelios yet. played him he feels like zero damage, refunded him for sett later in s10

    is he best early mid or late or does his power spikes completely depend on his current weapons

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