44 thoughts on “Supermarket Sweep (1994) (full game)

  1. This is one of the 1st earlier episodes in which David began to say: "Your Hands Have To Be On The Money, By The Time The Bell Rings". However, a synonym to "Have To."

  2. Franchement C'est L'emission D'un Faux Supermarché, J'aime Pas Trop, Tien J'en Ai Un Autre Faux Supermarché Dans C'est Pas Sorcier :::::::: https://youtu.be/U-bh1rmnX4Q?t=1351 Et Comparer Sa Taille Avec Ce Jeu.

  3. This is hilarious… back in the 90s this show was on all summer long haha… now it honestly looks so goofy. I'm like, why would I be hauling ass for all those groceries when I can order them all for delivery while I'm taking a dump. Haha but really when I was a kid I wanted so badly to play this game at the grocery store whenever we went.

  4. I love some of the episodes of supermarket Sweep is a fantastic game show and love the contestants win the money

  5. Uh! I loved this show back in the day! I still think of this show and so happy someone put this video up because it really brings back nostalgic memories for me.

  6. Wow, this is probably the most American thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life (I am from Germany) 😂

  7. …WoW…!!??!.. I watch this on the Game Show Network…& this video is they Only one the Host isn't wearing his Tacky Sweater!!!….LoL!…😂🤣😂

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