Super Showcase Spokesmodels – SNL

In this The Price Is Right spoof, two incompetent spokesmodels (Maya Rudolph, Kristen Wiig) struggle to present “Super Showcase” prizes to a game show host (Bill Hader) and the contestant who didn’t win them (Vanessa Bayer). Aired 02/18/12


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36 thoughts on “Super Showcase Spokesmodels – SNL

  1. Jimmy Fallon: Fakes laughing/ breaking character at unfunny material to be "cute" which only reveals how fake he really is.
    Cast of this sketch: Genuinely laughs at hilarious script and sketch because it IS funny, which helps us all to genuinely laugh. See the difference, folks?

  2. For some reason, it’s a little bit funnier when they’re trying so hard not to laugh…

  3. Man I miss Kate. Where is Kate ??? She's the funniest. Some snl they try to be funny. I love humor Kate mckinnon had

  4. I would kill to know what was the question that had the contestant almost answer "nine" but ended up with "beef"!

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