24 thoughts on “Stupid Game Show Answers | Dumber, Dumberer, & Dumberest

  1. Wow, I thought that Portugal would be more populous than Colombia, because Portugal is in Europe and because of so many low density countries in northern South America due to vast, thick forests. I didn't know the size difference, because Colombia is small compared to Brazil, while Europe consists of almost all small countries. So I didn't know if Colombia is small like Portugal, or much bigger than Portugal.

  2. The Newlywed Game somehow always found dumb people who were SURE to blurt out some oftentimes quite embarrassing information about their spouse. Can't help but wonder how many divorces (or face-smacks) came about among contestants after sacred and top-secret stuff was exposed to America. Sometimes you could actually see their life flashing before their eyes as they died of humiliation. Not being sexist, but it usually was the wife doing the blurting. Or they say something a little too revealing about how they used to be, or talk about WILD times they had with a former boyfriend. Producers seemingly thought it was humorous, but I often felt like I'd just been told an un-funny dirty joke.

  3. Why did YouTube remove all of your other posts?? These newer posts with Bob Eubanks and Chuck Woolery suck compared to what you were offering up. Glad to see you're back. Hope there'll be more soon.

  4. Steve Harvey is just over done with his mouth open stupid expressions.. Gene Rayburn wasn't funny and all women's dumb answers were always by airheaded blondes😕

  5. I'm wondering if Chuck Woolery would have been as charming and handsome on a date. Man, he was handsome
    That "jockstrap" guy was cute too

  6. Im sick of seeing that black American host. His reactions seem so phoney and the contestants seem to be pushed to give outrageous or smutty answers. Just all seems fake.

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