43 thoughts on “Sold For Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska

  1. Don't let your daughters go on Tik Tok. It's nothing but a big sex trafficking application. Girls posted pictures and get likes. The more skin they show or shake their booty the more likes they get. The attention becomes addicting and it draws them in. People ask them for naked pictures and they get labeled #egirls. Now with the LGBT movement, even girls want other girls naked pictures. Girls are even being raped and sex trafficked by other girls.

  2. People that do this to there kids someone should call DCFS on them and get those kids away from them cause I've had people tell me that there's people that will do that to there kids.

  3. These elite people have parties where 6-20 yr olds are there as party favors. They walk around until someone is ready. They do it in bedrooms or during conversation getting oral sex. They really just see them as service animals and nothing else. They could die at these parties and these people wouldn't bat a eye.

  4. If they can't be executed for rape like the bible recommends because man thinks he is wiser than God then there should be a castration law set in place for offenders.

  5. Rape is disgusting and I don't want to be a hypocrite, but I hope all these traffickers and anyone involved with taking advantage of the girls get raped in prison so they find out what it feels like

  6. in omaha municiple code it says it a woman is caught for prostitution sjhe is guilty every time she is arrested from that time on.

  7. They conflate prostitution with kidnapped sex slaves. That’s so the problem appears larger than it is, and can be dramatized as emergency.

  8. Well I guess if they fake jeffry Epstein death andsend him home ,the problem goes away and every get off and the situation is under control only to end and be forgottensweet news for much so much troublefor those involved.

  9. This is why the God of Abraham is going to allow the Destruction of America. We of America have become like the days of Noah, and America will be destroyed for her sins!

  10. I would want an armed guard for a calculated amount of time after I expose(d) powerful playas…. Talk about employment opportunities, or job creation…!!! Much more thought and action needs to be given to this current Trafficking epidemic.

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