20 thoughts on “Sex, Lies, and Videotape 1989 trailer

  1. It is provocative because it deals with feelings first and foremost. The theme is also sex, lots of it yet despite the fact that the word sex is one of the main themes, hardly any sex is actually shown. 

  2. Even this "provocative, sexual etc" ….DISGUST should be FORBIDDEN !!!
    …not to tell us, it "sucked" !
    YOU'RE THE ONE WHO SUCK !!! …coz those like you, ARE TOTALLY BRAIN-WASHED and TWISTED !!!

    Remember this – jewish satanists want you BLINDED !!! …WITHOUT ANY SHAME, WITHOUT A DROP OF MORALITY INSIDE YOUR SOUL !!!
    And this is what they've discovered – TV !!! …and more than 100 yrs, these mother f****ng devils LITERALLY ERADICATE PPL's ETHICS, RIGHTEOUSNESS and VIRTUES !!! BE AWARE !

  3. @amytothegrace no,actually "it" sucks now because we're all too spoiled and it has to be cocaine x 1,000 for us to be happy.

  4. @robbrichter2010 I was just pointing out that you used the term "foley" when in actual fact there's next to no foley in this clip.

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