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The new Netflix show Sex education has become a real sip of fresh air. Netflix has confirmed that Sex education cast will be back for a second series! Are you waiting for Sex education 2 season just as much as we? Find out in our video more about the cast of this show!
You’ve heard the rumour about actor Asa Butterfield who plays the role of shy Otis Milburn and The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev? Has Asa Butterfield got a girlfriend?
And what about Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn? What she thinks of the role of single mother?
Did you know that Ncuti Gatwa’s nearly the oldest actor, portraying a high school student Eric Effiong in the show?
Why Emma Mackey doesn’t like when her compared with Margot Robbie? And what she think about the character Maeve Wiley?
What happened with Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackson Marchetti in the second season?
And how Connor Swindells feels about scene with Adam Groff in the school cafeteria?

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43 thoughts on “Sex Education Cast: The Real-life Couples Revealed | ⭐OSSA

  1. Wait a second, that actor who plays as Otis is the same boy who played as Mordred from BBC's Merlin!!!(The Holocaust Officer) Anyways, I hope Otis and Maeve get together in the show since they aren't a real couple. Looks like Mordred is back…lol. I like how Gillian Anderson aka Agent Scully is in this show. Agent Fox Mulder would be surprised. Oof you forgot to mention Gillian Anderson in X-Files!!!!!

  2. I think Emma is the type of girls that many lesbian or bisexual girls would into, cuz I'm really into her! I thought Emma may be lesbian or bisexual, kind of broking my heart when I knew she got a boyfriend😭

  3. Emma is in relationship ok then I'm out I'll search alternate universe and I'll find Emma and I'll marry her, I love her so much……

  4. Dats not cool though for a fact, we
    Nigeria's our ascent isn't like dat and we don't like to be portrayed as gays in movies. So we will appreciate it if u stop

  5. Hey wont like this video honestly it's a great video but you forget to mention olaa and his father i think there are most important character in the drama

  6. Man! I don't feel like watching anymore than 3:50 here…man; even though foreign countries got bold on movies and series, still they don't have that GUTS to SHOW the real 16-17 yrs actor, actress doing THOSE" SCENES…… coz even though someone loses their virginity in 15, it cannot be published for all to know openly until the ri8 time… works equally in every country people's mind …..

    So to act those" scenes at really that age would be like loosing their virginity in front of camera and everyone even if that's not true…or already happened secretly….coz only around 15-17 they r…

    I hope ANY COUNTRY just can stop showing the pretend things like… Someone is way over 20 or 15 acts like 5 to 10 yrs younger person… That makes me real sick to watch…

    And, more of it, as trained as an artist, I can see certain lines on faces that can explain how old really they can be, even if their body looks younger….and those line r more visible b4 30's and after 45's… Too much…….I already knew those actors can't be the rEal aged as it saying in the show……..

    Even in SMALLVILLE, those actors just bursting my minds….

  7. Gillian Anderson is THE ONLY reason to watch this video… And I know I'm right because the left for as the LAST one to keep people watching this video!

  8. 9:57 Why do people have such hard time differentiating between woman / women. And it's always native speakers as well. I fear for the west and it's education system. Greetings from Sweden.

  9. Why does the commentary mention Asa wouldn't be dating the actress who is nine years older than him, bloody double standards….. Young women have been dating older men forever….. And look at Liam Payne with Campbell …. She's 20 years older than him! But then I am just saying this because I'd do Asa too – given the opportunity – and I'm an older lady… He he

  10. I don’t think this is right. Doing videos about personal life of people, cause they are people, humans too not just celebrities. Not HATE but I don’t think you would like see a video about your girlfriend or couples.
    Their public life ends when they are out of set or events.

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