Sex And The City: Where Are They Now | ⭐OSSA

Sex And The City: Where Are They Now | ⭐OSSA

Are you a fan of Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones? Check out this video about your favorite 90’s series stars and their lives after the show. Who are their real life partners now? Get ready for some cool facts about the real life couples from your favorite show!

00:29 – Sarah Jessica Parker made an iconic performance as Mrs Bradshaw, giving her character Carries Diaries spin-off. Find out what’s in common between Carrie and Parker in our video!

02:14 -Kim Cattrall portrayed Samantha on the show. What is she doing now?

03:35 -Kristin Davis is nothing like Charlotte York in real life. How has she been doing after the end of the show?

05:16 -Is Miranda Hobbes by Cynthia Nixon your favorite character? Watch this to find out more about her life and career!

06:40 -You may love Mr Big, played by Chris North, or hate him. But you are surely intrigued what he’s up to now! Check the video to find that out.

07:23 -In case you liked Aidan Shaw character played by John Corbett more – we’ve got you covered too.

08:13 -Here some more facts about Willie Garson and his character Stanford Blatch. Find out all about the actor here.

09:00 -David Eigenberg career went up after portraying Steve Brady on the series. What are his other memorable portrayals?

09:35 -Watch the video to find out more about Kyle MacLachlan famous for his role of Trey MacDougal on the show.

10:35 -Where is now actor Evan Handler, who played Harry Goldenblatt? Is he still filming?

Find out these and many other cool facts about the stars of your favorite show!

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46 thoughts on “Sex And The City: Where Are They Now | ⭐OSSA

  1. I loved Big… He was my favorite of Carry's men Burger was annoying. Cry baby. And Adien was a cave man.. Big had class

  2. Even though I'm glad they ended when they did… Honestly it was time. (Let's be honest…Yes S6 was good…But not great like 1-5.,) They didn't do what some shows did/do keep going earlier because fans were upset and wanted more or to try and get more $$… Don't know if it's just me… But I feel like it's disrespectful to the show… Not only this one…Any show that they drag on for the reasons I listed above. (One Tree Hill is a perfect example of this.) It's no secret that the was cancelled and brought back for fans 2 time I believe… Don't Quote me though…A friend told me that…I just tried googling it and couldn't find a straight answer about how many times. Anyway…In MY PERSONAL OPINION it was not the same after the time jump and kept getting less and less interesting from there.

  3. My favourite character is Carrie😍 she is really than me😂💖 and I love Sarah Jessica Parker I think that she's a queen, I love her fashion taste😍😍👑👑👑👑👑

  4. Dude those pix in the thumbnail are straight up heauxmeauxpheauxbic. Samantha did not dig out carries diaphragm and take that nasty tasting load for this

  5. This is the best show I just want them to get back and do the show we miss and love them and I love this show

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