SETT Champion Spotlight – League of Legends. LOL New sett Gameplay Spotlight Guide season 10 2019/2020. New sett Top Bruiser Fighter Champion Preview Abilities & Gameplay & Mecha Kingdoms sett Skin Spotlight. 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS: 💛Support me:

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42 thoughts on “SETT CHAMPION SPOTLIGHT – League of Legends

  1. Punch that subscribe button, let's get to 60k already! =)
    What do you think about this guy? Pretty cool, not that complex as well.
    Also, don't upSETT this guy.

  2. his E and R look similar to Vi's E and R, which is interesting. especially R. but "i almost felt that one!" is entirely too close to Warwick's "I almost felt that." lol

  3. Everyone: :O aphelios new champion

    Riot reveals new champion Sett

    Everyone: :O Sett new champion

    Aphelios: wtf?
    Senna: welcome to the "Already Unpopular" Club :v

  4. Such a GGoof move to put out "Chmpion spotlight" vids Riot releses those like wtf….I'm like WOOOOT then this trash…….c'mon……bad name dude can't live up!

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