Ronaldo is the hardest match of football career

Ronaldo suffered an unlucky injury in the 2016 European Cup final and had to pull out of the game … How it happened through the eyes of Ronaldo in the match, where there were so many emotional moments .. This video was produced by myself.Montage of this video was prepared in 3 days


The program I used in the Assembly of Bi Video: adobe premiere pro cc 2019

İnstagram: yakopsen007


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29 thoughts on “Ronaldo is the hardest match of football career

  1. не это самое
    самое плохое это когда умер его отец😥

    Кто Free fire играет пж Тiркелиндерши

  2. Je porte le plus grand respect pour Ronaldo mais a 5:22 il court partout alors qu'il est censer avoir mal (simulation ?)

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