#ProsBehindThePros | Episode 1 "Fuelling Barça" by Beko

Through unique access as our Training Partner, Beko’s exclusive 4-part series uncovers the hard-working individuals that make it possible for our first team to lead healthy lifestyles off the pitch to remain one of the world’s top clubs on the pitch.

Watch Episode 1 with Chef Adrià Ponce, Menu Lead Marta Miguel and Nutritionist Toña Lizárraga to find out how a healthy diet makes all the difference.

0:43 Intro (Skip)
2:29 A day in the life of double training
3:53 The team on tour
10:50 Nutrition advice inspired by the Pros
11:48 Episode 2 trailer

For more inspiration, tips and recipes visit Beko.com/EatLikeAPro.

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41 thoughts on “#ProsBehindThePros | Episode 1 "Fuelling Barça" by Beko

  1. ❗Hey! Due to some technical issues, we published the video without captions… but you got them now! Go turn them on!! 🙂
    ❗Por problemas técnicos, hemos publicado el vídeo sin subtítulos, estamos trabajando en la versión española. ¡Os avisamos cuando esté! Gracias por la comprensión 🙂

  2. Once Suarez and Messi are gone, there will go Barca. Neymar will be 29/30 by then. A waste of a talent. Liverpool is the future. Never forget 4-0.

  3. Great content, but you got to have an impression that profesional players live in a happy bubble. Everybody around them adores them, do everything for them including cooking, cleaning, driving them up, taking care of their financies. I wonder if they even know how to boil an egg or turn on an iron

  4. Pls for the sake of some of us that does not understand Spanish next time put it on the subtitle so that we can follow our darling team well tanx. Forca Barca

  5. Saludos una excelente labor gastronomica para los deportistas pero y no vi no guantes no protegeindose la cabeza de los pelos que vuelan a la comida mas precaucion.por favor

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