New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions

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37 thoughts on “New York Knicks vs. Washington Wizards Post Game Show: Highlights, Analysis & Caller Reactions

  1. I agree with rj at the 3 for this season & possibly next season till he can move to the 2. He has to develop that shot. We need that Pg FrFr. Good show as usual guys 👑👑🙌🏾.

  2. With the PG thing , the Knicks aren’t letting or developing good at that position. I look at Frank and he should be better by now, but to much hurdles to let him play & he’ll start then get spotty minutes you need 25 r more

  3. I was very hard on ISO because i couldn't play with him. But I'd take ISO over DOT and RJ right now on offense.

  4. I don't think RJ nor Mitch are "centerpieces" yet…yet. Both have major flaws offensively it's terrifying. I don't see a Luka and Embiid so i think its too early to see them as dependable All Stars. I'm hoping for the best but I'm not sold on them yet.

  5. Love y’all but how is there no spot for ISO? He’s the only guard on our roster with an above-average true shooting % (last year too). Frank sucks. DSJ sucks. Payton sucks and he’s a rental. Why not develop the only guard on our roster who can score the ball efficiently? Swear to God he’s gonna blow up wherever he goes.

  6. Yeooo Cp I’m telling you you seen the article in slam magazine if we get Kat, you know devin booker and DLO making they way over here they all said it they gonna be playing on the same team

  7. Bradley beal DNP Rui Hachimura DNP 4 key players out and they still struggled specially when Barrett came in in the 3rd quarter they relinquish a 15 point lead

  8. It's time for fans to get a SELL THE TEAM movement going. MAKE IT LOUD ENOUGH UNTIL THE NBA IS EMBARRASSED. Once again the Knicks got fleeced in the Dallas trade. Take a look at how they are doing.

  9. It just kills me when I look at what the Dallas Mavericks are doing. Last I checked 21 – 10 courtesy of Steve Mills and the Knicks.

  10. Wouldn't mind bringing back Noah Vonleh. Very durable can stretch the floor, no question he's better than Bobby Portis. Another reason why Mills should go.

  11. I've been saying it since the start of the season I want to see RJ as the primary play maker on the team. I like him on the court with Frank. Frank can guard the opposing pg and his catch and shoot j is showing improvement. If he can play D like we know he can and space the floor by consistently hitting that j I like the 2 of them together. Obviously RJ needs to work on the handle a bit if that is going to happen but I think he has the skills

  12. anybody who says they want LaMelo has not seen him shoot a ball…hes worse than RJ…RJ would be a dope 3 and I still think Knox can be a sneaky good PG

  13. If trier was on the wizards today.. knicks would have lost. 😛 Knicks desperately need D'lo.. not KAT. Backcourt strong teams are always making playoffs.. first we need to make a good solid backcourt.. we have a Barett at 3 Randle at 4 and Mitch at 5. We need PG/SG combo guard who can get hot at anytime. Frank and D'lo would be nice cuz D'lo can score for both .. 😛

  14. The Knicks upcoming schedule for January will be brutal. They will be forced to make some trades by the end of January.

  15. C.P and C.J do you guy's have league pass,were you only watching Frank in fiba this summer the boy Dennis S cooks boy.

  16. We can pull lonzo and lamelo?? I’ll take lonzo over Dsj any day of the week a frank and lonzo pg situation would be stout defensively like stout.

  17. Curious as to why Kevin Knox gets a pass from Knicks fans he has a very low basketball IQ ,terrible body language,consistently doesn't play hard,can't guard anyone yet you hear trade everybody else.I'm just saying.Oh yea and the next time he makes that layup when he drives right and lays it up off the glass,will be the first time he's made one this season.

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