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Every year in the UK, 2,000 babies are born with ambiguous genitalia. Secret Intersex explores what it means to be born genderless by following a range of intersex cases: couples who have given birth to children with ambiguous genitalia and must decide, with a doctor’s help, on the gender of their child; a teenage girl who has lived with a penis structure for 15 years and is only now embarking on treatment; and an adult female who is still coming to terms with her gender after years of living as a male.

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29 thoughts on “Neither Male or Female – Secret Intersex (Gender & Sex Documentary) | Only Human

  1. They should decide for them when they are babies choose the most dominant sex. The longer they leave it the farther confusion it creates.

  2. They can grow ears & other body parts in a lab, so why not grow a vagina for Louise? Or even an organ transplant? They managed to transplant 2 whole hands to a little boy in 2016.

  3. Seems like people confuse & mistakenly link the spectrum of feminine-masculine traits of personality to sex organs. A little boy with XY chromosomes without any abnormality in their chemical or physical makeup can exhibit very feminine personality. Same for girls & being masculine. It isn't abnormal or a "clue" into their gender based on personality. This falls under the phrase, correlation doesn't imply causation. Like I said, proof is in the broad population of people without abnormal sex organ development. How else do you explain a chemically normal male being very feminine? Personality has many other factors besides sex organs. Bruce Jenner is a good example. From all appearances he was a man's man, but we know how those appearances are deceiving because he really wanted to be she — put on a show to hide her true self. Not all kids are expressing their self honestly. Not to deceive on purpose, but may feel like they need to choose a side & go a bit overboard with the acting so long they begin to lie to their self. We all are a mixture of feminine & masculine personality traits. A prom queen & a drag queen can both be quite aggressive & fierce at certain times, lol. That doesn't negate their fem traits.

  4. According to jewish law intersex people can only marry/ have sex with other intersex. I think its great, they get to be both

  5. To be respectfully honest, these are the only types of humans that are legitimately "3rd gender", and not the dangerous political types that societies are forced to swallow these days.

  6. It is monstrous that 'Modern' Societies want them to be one or the other and not celebrate them. In fact "Hermaphrodite" was actually a positive, and many other peoples thought that those with it were Blessed. If they are healthy, let them be. Raise them as people, don't worry so much about gender.

  7. I can't believe that doctors would take it upon themselves to make executive decisions about a infants future sex life. Without talking to the parents?? Unbelievable. I don't even agree with regular circumcision. No more genital mutilation geez. People die every year from this barbaric procedure

  8. I can't watch this, it's putting these kids through all the surgery just so we can say that they are either male or female.

  9. Seems most of the problems associated with this are due to societal attitudes and nothing more. I say spread the word, people should be able to intersex as easily as being a man or a woman!

  10. I don't think that whether a child plays with a doll or a tractor is how you define a fucking gender. I'm male and I would rather do knitting than hunting or fishing


  12. AIS children is a biological issue where the child can define s/he gender at 19 when a child is considered an adult (biblical age of responsibility) not by parents.

  13. now the knowledge is raising a lot, corrections can be easyer done at later years when children had the time to think what they are and what they want to be, leave those babys as they are looks best option

  14. Hey Doctor ..Leave those Kids alone…How about we let them decide their own lives instead of us making Judgments on how they should be. They are human beings and deserve that respect of deciding for themselves what they want to do with their own lives when they're old enough to understand what the deal is.

  15. Gender is a social construct anyway. In a way I'm jealous that these young people don't have an obligation to act or think as one rigid gender or another, and are just allowed to develop freely as their true selves. People with unambigious penises or vaginas are usually expected to act certain ways even if it goes against their nature. Yes, I can imagine that if I was of ambiguous sex I would face a lot of social difficulty, but I think that with my mindset, as a bio-female who doesn't believe in gender and doesn't identify as any gender or skew strongly toward any gender-binary stereotype, I would feel a lot of freedom from not being societally pressured to be one way or the other.

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