NA vs EU – Show Match (ft. Tyler1, Yassuo) | Day 1 2019 LoL All Star Event

EU vs NA Show Match with Influencers lol esports All-Stars 2019. Yassuo, Tyler1, Sneaky, Bang, CoreJJ vs Bwipo, Caps, Jankos, Nervarien, Noway,
NA vs EU. Team West vs East show match League of Legends All-Stars 2019 VOD.
2019 All-Star full playlist:
League of Legends S9 International All-Star – Day 1.

Team West Line-up:
Bang – top Sylas
CoreJJ – jungle Gragas
Yassuo – mid Irelia
Tyler1 – bot Ivern
Sneaky – Supoprt Rengar

Team East Line-up:
Jankos – top Ziggs
Nervarien – jungle Jarvan IV
Noway – mid Gangplank
Bwipo – bot Aphelios
Caps – support Nautilus

Patch: 9.24 – Season 9
Game date: 06.12.2019 | 12/06/2019 | December 6th 2019
Game place: Las Vegas
Casters: Drakos and Jatt

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2019 All-Star full playlist:

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27 thoughts on “NA vs EU – Show Match (ft. Tyler1, Yassuo) | Day 1 2019 LoL All Star Event

  1. Tyler1 got all of his champs banned,Yassuo is playing irelia and gets greedy late game and Bang is feeding top. What the fuck is this game

  2. that one guy with the shitty haristyle and shitty beard ruined my hopes for middle aged dudes and their appearances

  3. Na fanboy : why they ban yas and draven no fair .

    Me : if it only take like 2 bans out of 100+ champions too beat na its no wonder why they are so bad .

  4. Am I the only one who expected this line up?
    Top: tfblade
    Jungle: NB3
    Mid: yassuo
    Support:I forgot her name

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