My Sex Addiction Almost Killed Me

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A SEX addict whose compulsive pursuit of anonymous hook-ups drove her to nearly take her own life has spoken out about her ordeal. Jace Downey, from Austin, Texas, said her addiction began with sexual fantasies when she was aged just five, eventually escalating to frequent encounters with strangers. Realizing later that she has been abused as a child, Jace attended a recovery group before embarking on a two year Suddenly Celibate project where she met experts in addiction, relationships and sexuality. Jace now has a boyfriend and works as a self-development coach, helping people looking for assistance with addiction and other personal struggles.

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50 thoughts on “My Sex Addiction Almost Killed Me

  1. Wth!!!! At 5 she was imagining cartoon characters having sex? Most 5 year olds don't even know what that is unless their exposed to it.

  2. This story touched me very deeply. A very brave and intelligent lady. Beautiful inside and out and I am so glad that she found the real love so many of us never do.

  3. This woman seems really sweet, and precious. It makes me angry that her father was such a selfish pig to treat her in such a way. She deserved, and still deserves so much better. She's just a darling person.

  4. At first, I was like “ where can I meet this woman” because of the title. Then I was like, “how can we as a society prevent this from happening?” after watching the video.

  5. Here's the problem with claiming that addiction is genetic what it does is it takes the responsibility off the party who is responsible being yourself take responsibility for your own actions stop blaming it on genetic disease and just take responsibility and say wow I really f*** up and wow I was a real piece of s*** and while I was very foolish and made a lot of ridiculous decisions that I really regret now and I'm a different person and I've changed and rehabilitated myself

    Is that so hard to just say that and take responsibility for yourself rather than blaming it on genetics? I mean seriously take some f**** responsibility for your own personal actions. Smh

  6. I don't know how she can't hate him for that. I hate the family member that did it to me. Not long after I was 7. I got raped at 17 by I think it was a 35 year old guy and his I guess his friend. I felt so like it was my fault so for so many year's. I can't believe I made this comment I didn't even tell my therapist about this detailed. Only that I have something's that I can't talk about yet

  7. Similar bevaviour among teenagers is labeled self-harm or self-mutilation. It is decribed in the same way, a way to feel numb.

  8. Girl that was so my story! And things started at age 5 too! I wasn’t abused by my parents but I was abused by someone else right before it all started too and it continued off and on for years. Never realized I was basing my self worth on it. In fact I felt empowered to a degree but it sure crash from that later when you realize you have a problem.

  9. There are a LOT of garbage videos out there on barcroft. But videos like these are real and hard hitting. I hope she has healed and overcome all her demons. More power to her! Her story can really encourage others.

  10. she beautiful and she has a nice boyfriend who understand and love her. Her dad is a monster and sex addict not her daughter.

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