Messi's attitude towards Griezmann drove Barça fans crazy – Oh My Goal

Lionel Messi – Antoine Griezmann: on paper it’s a partnership to die for. But an incident between the pair has been discussed a lot in the press: when Griezmann went to high five Messi after he was subbed in the match against Arsenal, he seemed to intentionally avoid the Frenchman. Is this an example of tension between the two men which has been building for a year?


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39 thoughts on “Messi's attitude towards Griezmann drove Barça fans crazy – Oh My Goal

  1. I gad water in my mouth and spit that shit everywhere when i saw
    Griezman: im at the same table as ronaldo and messi

  2. I don't think Messi doesn't want to work with Griezmann, I believe he's just angry ahmm let me say he is just hurt by what Griezmann did…. So if Griezmann apologizes to Barcelona for his impetuous words, maybe him and Messi will start working together… You know sometimes an apology is what is needed in this type of situations…. SO PLEASE GRIEZMANN APOLOGIZE TO BARCA BECAUSE WE NEED YOU AND MESSI WORKING TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Griezman is a diving cheat with no class, makes L loser sign towards oppostion fans when he scores, even if of it is only a penalty…and no he is not good, overrated as fuck…lest somene think I want neymar to replace him, well Neymar is even bigger diver and so gay and classless and gypsy…and I cant stand Barcelona.

  4. Griezmann's mistake made barca not sign neymar because griezmann signed this season and if griezmann signed last season that 120 m would be used to sign neymar so clearly it's griezmann's fault

  5. Griezmann is such a disciplined and intelligent forward, there is nothing wrong when you compare him with Messi and Ronaldo. He is so innocent I don't know what the heck is going on in Messi's mind.

  6. Wow has some insight! He knew from the beginning that Griezman was terrible and a liability and here we are, witnessing his dreadful performance in Barca!

  7. Is Because Neymar And Messi used to have sex before every match with neymar and Griezzman does Not Want to give it away

  8. Petty ASF. Meanwhile the club struggles. Messi thinks he can play forever, he and Suarez will need oxygen tanks in a couple of years to play with their old asses.

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