45 thoughts on “Messi Again Proved Why He Won 6th ballon d'Or ►Deciding Crucial Matches SINGLE HANDEDLY

  1. Surah Al-Ikhlas Tilawat | सूरह अल-मौन | سورة المون | সূরা আল-ইখলাস তেলাওয়াত | https://youtu.be/MCf1HgHlDzA

  2. I watched this video' 20 or more than it still wondering… 🤔🤔🤔🤔 He is really a human or alien…???

  3. The GOAT. Should have won many more. Since he started he is by far the best player in the world. Best goalscorer, best dribbler, most skillful, best freekick taker, most assists, best passer in the world. Its ridiculous award. If it was a fair competition he would win every year. No comparison between him and anyone else. Football people know he is the GOAT, unfortunately a lot of people cannot see his brilliance because of sheer ignorance

  4. We need real madrid next those guys been postponing matches to avoid barca suarez is hungry and he need more goals for training purposes and elclassico is perfect

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