Life, Sex & Death Among the Dire Wolves

This is not a Game of Thrones fan fiction episode. Dire wolves were real! And thousands of them died in the same spot in California. Their remains have taught us volumes about how they lived, hunted, died and way more about any animal’s sex life than you’d ever want to know.

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20 thoughts on “Life, Sex & Death Among the Dire Wolves

  1. Its no longer a mystery what happened 11,000 years ago, it was a meteor that struck the ice shelf of Greenland and led to massive flooding.

  2. Everything about this video is great, including the host. Just slow down a little bit dude. You talk waay to fast. Pause after making a point or saying an idea. We're all with you. But if you don't take a breath, I'm going to pass out just for your sake 😊

  3. I think we should be thanking the La Brea tar pits. Perhaps you could even argue that the tar pits in a way Are luring us in. Considering Los Angeles is like the capital of everything now. Just ask Jim Morrison and Anthony Kiedis. Oh yeah and Dionne Warwick.

  4. “About one-third of the dire wolves found in the pits were juveniles, puppies”
    *Stares at Camera crew/ scripting Crew* I can’t believe you’re making me talk about dead puppies

  5. 7:35 so, based on this image, you’re telling me that raccoons have the same sized penis bone as a BLACK BEAR?? No wonders they’re so pissy XD

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