Kid Sex Offenders #CrimeTV

Kid Sex Offenders #CrimeTV
This episode meets boys and girls who have been imprisoned for serious crimes and are undergoing revolutionary new treatment programmes designed to help stop them re-offending
In America at any one time there are over 70,000 children behind bars. Kid Criminals meets children in high-security juvenile prisons who have committed shocking crimes.
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45 thoughts on “Kid Sex Offenders #CrimeTV

  1. Most people in these comments diagnosing these kids that they’ve only seen 47 mins of probably don’t even know the difference between a sociopath and a psychopath. You do not know these kids and you don’t know what type of progress they’ve made. I hate playing devils advocate and hell yeah these boys are messed up, but the only thing we know for sure about any of them is that they’re sex offenders. We don’t know what kind of mental illnesses they have. I can’t stand people on the internet who think they can diagnose people they don’t know and haven’t spent any time with…You’re not a therapist or a psychiatrist. You probably don’t know as much as you think you do

  2. Garret cracking me up. That kid is too smart for his own good. He's dangerous though. I think he's beyond rehabilitation. Gonna have to keep a chain on that kid.

  3. “Every time he has left, he has reoffended.” Okay so why does he continue to be released? Every time he reoffends, that’s one more life that is ruined forever.

    Edit: And he’s not a registered sex offenders?! 🤬

  4. She makes $7.50 working at macdonald's smh 😟 I would not survive on that in California how old is this video

  5. That counselor is too good for that place!! She should be somewhere where she can actually help kids not deal w future monsters that she can't help.

  6. Wow I have a good idea teach children to knock their glasses off. They make me sick. They'd be beat where I'm from.

  7. A lot of these lil fuckers are highly intelligent, and have mastered the skill of manipulation, which makes them extremely dangerous… At the end of the day this shit is really sad bc they're children🙏

  8. They starting off early smfh, I'm not sure this will help, but I guess its worth a try… They need Jesus, but we all do

  9. 6:48 "…if you don't write it down, it doesn't happen." That doesn't seem like the best motto to be teaching these kids!

  10. anyone remembers the fat kid that went into jail and he went into isolation and did naruto moves?
    from the other documentary

  11. Lmao at the people commenting "I dont trust Garrett he's manipulative." like they some psychiatrist. He literally said "I manipulate, I lie."

  12. I live not far from here. This is a very very dangerous place for staff. They have been beaten and raped. Bad reputation

  13. They’re all good kids they just need something to make them change their lives into positive they should get into martial arts Karate Martial arts any kind of martial arts it will teach them discipline and how did respect their fellow man and I respect There family When I took martial arts Kenpo Karate 5.0 Jeff Speakman’s Kenpo Karate 5.0 It made me a better person if people could actually try this out it will change the way you think and you will not be a criminal just like me I have a clean record no Felonise No Mr. Meiners Do martial arts and stay in school kids

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