It was a busy day for the Juventus squad in Saudi Arabia as the team had an action-packed day of media activities, meet and greets, a press conference and training. Our Italian Super Cup match takes place on Sunday in Riyadh against Lazio, watch how the team prepared for the first potential trophy of the season.

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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  1. man such a disapointment last night if we want to win the champions league we should play like a precise counter attack

  2. Very disappointed with Juve this season. They lose to Lazio 3-1 in league and Sarri uses the same midfield as if it would be different this time. He was tactically outclassed and a stadium loaded with Juve fans have to watch them collect second place? Embarrassing! De Ligt on bench. Rabiot on bench. Cuadrado on bench. For Matuidi and Di Sciglio?! If Khedira was fit he’d start as he has all season. Sarri is old fashioned and all talk. Chelsea were torn apart by him last season and I can’t stand watching Ronaldo now. Cancelling my club membership unless he’s replaced IMMEDIATELY. He is ruining Ronaldo’s career. Pochettino is available and needs to take over tomorrow!!!

  3. Ragazzi leggete questo commento,è un consiglio: il problema per cui la Juve sta andando così male non sono i giocatori, ma quell' allenatore,Sarri,ha rotto le scatole se ne deve andare sta facendo calare la Juve in un modo incredibile. Quindi per favore capitemi , esoneratelo a sto allenatore del cavolo che è un male per tutti!

  4. "sappiamo quello che significa giocare una finale"

    l'abbiamo visto, VERGOGNA, ad agosto si gioca con questo approccio superficiale, non una finale…

  5. Juve lost Super Cup, seems unlikely that would win the Champions League. May lose Serie A since Inter is playing much better than Juve now and Juve is 2nd on the table now.May win Coppa Italia.
    Also may end trophyless this year.
    All because of this Sarri. There are so many better managers than him who are more suited to Juve than him.
    I don't understand Juve spend so much on Ronaldo, spend much money on strengthening their midfield, bought good midfielders, have great options and versatility there, bought Matt de Litt to strengthen their defense.
    I thought they were real serious on winning the Champions League.
    Then why make Sarri manager?
    With already so much money spent, Sarri is a waste, he never managed a super starred team, never won any trophy.
    Why not get a better and experienced manager with some more money if need to?
    Someone who has proved himself winning trophies in past?
    Why take a risk with Sarri, someone who has never managed a great team or won any trophy?

  6. And Juve lost. Honestly Sarri is not a good choice for Juve. Mourinho, Zidane or Conte would be a much better manager for Juve (Klopp would be best but there was no way he would have left Liverpool but Juventus could have tried to get any 3 of these managers instead of Sarri). Sarriball is neither interesting nor it is effective.

  7. Bonucci the game last two weeks against Lazio taught you NOTHING !!!!! same mistakes …. your the captain COMMAND your back-line …. you need to be more responsible in knowing when to go and stay you don't have that pace anymore … and your timing of late has been off ..Patience … Sarri try Demiral and De Ligt for a full 90 lets see how that pair does in a match … COME ON JUVE lets get it right UEFA is nearrrrr I rooting for the team

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