38 thoughts on “Gorillaz (feat. Jamie Principle) – "Sex Murder Party" (Live at WFUV)

  1. Spectacular video, i like it so much … Principal part is 1:35. I uploaded 1 video, Pls check and say what you think 💓 💚 💃

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  3. God I am sooooo sorry ik I want this and stuff but I will stop forgive me god I love you and maybe when I die I hope I will get to see u in heaven😔💞💞💞

  4. If the studio version had the better bass this has, plus the choir (I don't know why it doesn't have the choir – almost every other song on the album does), then it would be pretty good. It would still need to be rearranged on a more conceptual and structural level to be really good, but still.
    Also Zebra Katz should probably re-record his part.

  5. it's so cool wow sex murder…….sex murder party………….🤘😔i drow the kids i drow the kids dissolve the kids tha's rigth

  6. Check out the live version from Cologne https://youtu.be/Dw1NyrRrHPE?t=2851, especially the ending is f***ing epic.

  7. I saw them at the acl second weekend I waited for two hours for a decent place on front and the performance blew me away I wasn't a fan of the new album but now I love it

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