50 thoughts on “Funniest game show moments 09 0.mp4

  1. Mahalo
    yea like losses his mind, goes nuts, Laurie's splits till he's calmed down.
    I asked her Many times, u sure this is the guy u want to spend ur life with?
    she says yes
    I say just checking
    Holy Moly ain't it A Beautiful World!!

  2. Oh haha John Burgess I went to a live recording as a kid… was so much fun. I'm just impressed there's a clip from an Aussie game show, of Wheel of Fortune 👌👍

  3. Well I learned something new …
    Foreign cars are from Texas?!
    😂 oh dear… and “what is whopeee again?” these were all GOLD! Thank you!

  4. too much of cash cab hours and why do common knowledge and harvey always have their hands in pocket i watch gsn for hours every day but mute common knowledge

  5. Thanks for uploading this video ❗ I got to see some excerpts of The Newlywed Game that aren't posted anywhere on YouTube‼️😎🇺🇸

  6. Steve Harvey is the best host of this show. This I knew but now reminding me of the other hosts it is so clear he is the BEST.

  7. Kristoff St. John, long time Young & the Restless star at 3:15.. RIP Neil Winters, you made your fans happy for decades 💕

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