FNAF Game Show with Lefty and Foxy!

**CONTAINS JUMPSCARES** Lefty the Bear goes on stage and runs his own scary Game Show! Inspired by “Let’s Make a Deal”, Lefty stars as the host, Foxy the Pirate as the co-host and Tommy as the contestant! There are prizes to be won, however Tommy must avoid the jump scares! Can Tommy walk home with a prize, or even… his life?

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Tommy goes to Mexico:

How to Make Lefty:

How to Make Foxy:

How to Make Pirate’s Cove:

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27 thoughts on “FNAF Game Show with Lefty and Foxy!

  1. sorry I knocked you out right there, I was gonna be eaten if I didn't agree to jumpscare you when in the closet

  2. if I didn't know better (but I do, despite knowing better) I'd say that Lefty is only doing this game show to torture you.

  3. PINEAPPLE!!!!!!! FOOD!!!!!!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!!!! TOMMYS SOAL!!!!!!!! guess witch of Tommy’s fnaf puppets likes these things

  4. Did anybody see bendy behind foxy when he was at the closet like the video if you did even if you didn't see bendy behind foxy still like the video and subscribe and hit the Bell

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