33 thoughts on “FEMINIST SEX POSITIONS – Liz Miele

  1. Are you sure you're a comedian??? Naaaa i don't think so. Oh yeah by the way Amy Schumer does the same jokes gross.

  2. You know you've hit the bottom when, you have to steal jokes from Amy Schumer, who stole the joke in the first place…
    I think it's called ..plagiagiagiarism 🙄

  3. She : I can talk diry comedy that is funny
    Brother : I can also do that
    She : that's not funny

  4. Part of that joke is a Patrice Oneal joke that was then stole by Amy Schumer, and now she's stealing it. I knew Patrice was good, but I didn't know he was good enough for two people to steal his joke.

  5. The Best Feminist position is: Shes on her knees, you're checking her with your cock then when she tries to talk you say: Don't talk with your mouth full of CUM. !!!

  6. Your joke relies on people knowing what the 19th amendment is. This generation doesn't know shit and the ones they do know, they want to change.

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