Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't come out for Juventus vs. AC Milan if he's not injured – Nicol | Serie A

After being subbed off for the second straight game, Sebastian Salazar, Craig Burley and Steve Nicol dive into Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems at Juventus. Nicol is very confident Ronaldo is dealing with an injury, saying that Sarri wouldn’t take Ronaldo out if he wasn’t injured. Burley admits that Ronaldo’s numbers are down, but attributes the lack of stats to a different style of play due to his age.

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35 thoughts on “Cristiano Ronaldo doesn't come out for Juventus vs. AC Milan if he's not injured – Nicol | Serie A

  1. Frankly I think Alex Sandro and cuadrado don’t wanna play with him and higuain because they always look up to see him and make a short stupid passé but I frankly think it should be Douglas costa-Ronaldo-dybala this duo will be Fire 💯

  2. People who say we need to play more for CR7: you probably dont watch a lot of games, or you watch just the highlights. Of course, we can play better, and im sure we will, but Ronaldo missed a lot of goals this beginning of season, especially in Serie A. Against Moscow he missed one without goalkeeper, against Leverkusen, he missed twice easy goals with a superb delivery from Higuain (according to some ppl he shouldnt play, well, he's our best Striker since the season started).

    No big deals, ppl like talking especially medias, it makes good money. Anyway, CR7 is just human, it can happen. We bought it for the second part of the season, when real game starts ! (Remember last year!). But ppl should stop Always defending him. Recently he has been very bad. Plus this attitude now, disrespectful.

  3. Every year Juventus make too many changes!!we change coaches,players that's why we don't have champions league trophies for long time!!Barcelona,Real two years ago and Liverpool they won it,because they have the same players and coaches for years!!It seems CONSISTENCY is one of the most important thing to get that trophy!!!

  4. Can someone explain to me why that demented pig Stevie always keeps his hands on the table while sitting in that weird posture??

  5. I don't think he's injured. I think he's struggling to find a rhythm under Sarri so he hasn't been doing well and Sarri decided to take him off in the last two games.

  6. LOL didn't dribble past 3 years?? I last remember he dribbled passed everyone and nearly scored a goal in last minute against Atletico Madrid in champions league. Capello is a FRAUD and a Liar

  7. hey cmon now ronaldo become old tired not good enough suddenly..really? problem very obvious..sarri cant handle ronaldo and wrong tactical plan..if there is ronaldo he is the best striker in box in whole team even top of the worlds what sarri does..??? definatly nothin about it..sarri had same issie with even napoli..and chelsea i dont even wanna say about it..he is not a great manager after all..what he did really? serie a championship ?? premier leuge even first 3..what he got really? nothing..problem simple sarri himself..

  8. As a Chelsea fan I'm so glad Sarri is gone!! Yes he won a trophy but the football was absolutely dire. If not for Hazard we would have finished 10th because of this dinosaur's ponderous tactic (I say tactic singular because with Sarri there is no plan B). Chews his cigarette and hopes for a miracle. Good fucking riddance

  9. The injury talk is a smoke screan. Obviously Sarri won't say "I pulled him off in these 2 games because he was trash". He's done. Washed up. What Benzema is doing ever since Ronaldo left shows how much Real Madrid's midfield and a playing in a no-defense league can boots your stats.

  10. The only thing that Capello was wrong is when he said that he remembers Ronaldo leaving them on the floor 🤔 he was never a dribbler 🥴🥴🥴

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