Best Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.24

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Patch 9.24 is the LAST PATCH of the preseason with huge changes coming to champions like Akali, Aphelios, Ryze, Kassadin, Yuumi, Braum, Sivir, Diana, Garen, Senna, and many others.

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50 thoughts on “Best Champions TIER List – League of Legends Patch 9.24

  1. Can Anybody elaborate on xin zhao…like how am i supposed to play him…i am stuck at level 3 if i am not constantly clearing I can't gank like before irritating..they changed the xp thing..first river crab moved to 3:15 now this.. stupid game

  2. If someone reads this please help me. I reinstalled League of legend but when I download it it install only 150 Mb. On the launcher is blue button with "update" but when I click on it nothing happens. I'm trying to find help everywhere.

  3. Ey proguides, why dont u pin the guys who always tell the timestamps or u just do it, put timestamps, it will be helpful ya know?

  4. As a Vladimir main, I don't think he should be S at top lane. The lane is too long and he can get easily bullied and camped. To make it worst, he has 0 escape tool. Maybe just A due to very weak early game as a top lane Vladimir.

  5. No Alistar top in op? Bruh, somehow I had a pleasure to have Alistar on top (in couple of games in my team) and I can tell you that it's so damn strong. He could go 1v4, kill and YET survive with almost half hp. As a tank.

  6. Aphelios is a champion that was designed to be “hard” to play but his current state doesn’t really require you to put any effort to get a penta out of nowhere. Seriously, if riot lowers his base AD by a shit ton, then you can say he is “hard” to play.

  7. I would love if they removed bots from the game like completely. The only AI allowed is the official Bots in coop vs ai.

  8. Umm… Where the fuck is Trundle top with Triforce and BORK? I haven't lost a game with him yet, going on 15 games now…

  9. Hey did you guys know conqueror's duration nerf according to riot (on the patch notes) will nerf ranged more than melee

  10. honestly your midlane tierlist is such bullshit. like OP Fizz?? Whaaat? Who tell me pls who else supports this ? fizz is so hard to carry with in teamfights since you have so much single target damage… I wanna see how you pick the adc or mid with fizz in a teamfight… pls show me come to diamond

  11. For next season I want Riot to nerf mage items and buff bruiser items and add some good MR items, change the dragons, so the team with better bot lane doesn't autowin

  12. For changes this season 10 I wish they increase ezreal's tier and win rate, for now he is tier A and mid percentage being used. Really weak in late game.

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