5 Biggest TV Game Show Scandals

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31 thoughts on “5 Biggest TV Game Show Scandals

  1. Michael Larson didn't cheat. He studied that Press Your Luck board for months and he perfected the algorithm. It's sad to see that he only had his money for a short time before he was robbed and then died

  2. Man #2 and 3s scandals are WACK 2 shouldn't be called a cheater and he (I think) LITERALLY SAID IT HIMSELF DURING THE GAME but did he get disqualified? No! 3… Man I feel sorry 2 losses at the same game..sad

  3. Lol #2 his money wasn't "stolen in a burglary" they had their people take it from him.They don't want nobody coming up off that game😑

  4. Number 2 is so idiotic. It is called practise, i hope the accusers of him cheating go get ran over by a truck or just arrested. What would you rather do accusers? Get ran over by a truck or get arrested?

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