10 Most INSANE OUTPLAYS In Worlds History – League of Legends Esports

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Our analysts break down the 10 MOST INSANE outplays in league of legends worlds history

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30 thoughts on “10 Most INSANE OUTPLAYS In Worlds History – League of Legends Esports

  1. Hey guys, just a reminder that these are the top 10 plays from the world championships only. Things like faker's zed outplay and Bunnyfufu's thresh flays were from tournaments within their respective regions.

  2. 3:27 this is the second player on the list where people say "hes as good as faker"
    Tbh, if you have to say "that player is as good as faker" instead of "faker is as good as that player", that means the player isnt as good as him. Facts.

  3. I'm sorry to say this but I was really expecting something big from the best play entry number 1 but it turns out it disappoints me like it's just like a normal pub team fight in Dota, the EDG team stays at mid not even looking at the map where their enemies are, ( i don't really know about LoL) I know the SKT has their barracks at mid destroyed but try looking at tournaments in Dota where they all lose their barracks and only left is their throne and still win : )

  4. Every world's finals should be like skt vs rox. Not the 3-0 boring game. And broxah's Lee had nothing to do here. Lol

  5. Some of these are not necessarily outplays. Just good ults and abilities that hit many people. I think outplay ia more like what the word literally says. Uaing your skills to diamantle the opponent who should have an upper hand by some sick moves and fakes. Not just like one ok ult. For example faker's insane zed vs zed outplays

  6. "Look at the cleanse, look at the moves! Fakrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrer! What was thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!"

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