ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC RETURNS TO AC MILAN! Was it the wrong move?! | Serie A Podcast #100

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45 thoughts on “ZLATAN IBRAHIMOVIC RETURNS TO AC MILAN! Was it the wrong move?! | Serie A Podcast #100

  1. I hate footballI and I already said "not interested in channel" 2-3 times yet it still gets recommended by broken youtube. Vote down

  2. Never watched this… it's sick! I'm an Arsenal fan, but I love the Serie A.. I've Been watching Since the Delvecchio,Batistuta,Recobba,Ronaldo, Back when it was the best league in the world.

  3. Wanda is good looking?? Antonio has weird tastes lol. Guardiola also respects Sarri not Gasperini lol

    Your Inter fan is very biased too, how can he defend losing against Barcelona B/C lol. Milan beat prime Barca with fcking Muntari and Constant

  4. Getting a defender when the midfield and wingers is a shambles is a stupid thing to do

    Romagnoli is bad? Suso Hakan and Kessie is pure garbage then

  5. il tipo con la felpa del Milan ha sempre ragione, e fa troppo ridere, grande cazzo, e sempre forza Milan. nice show guys, well done

  6. Why do they let anto talk so much shit without anyone hitting him back lmao put me on the podcast and I’ll put him in his place. It’s rich to see him shit talk conte when Milan is at -21 from inter

  7. Pogba is going back to Juve I think. He’s definitely leaving ManU this summer. I don’t see Zidane being interested in him.

  8. Zlatan DOMINATED MLS it doesn’t matter if he didn’t win. He took a dump on that whole league involved in more goals than games played. Milan getting him is absolutely MASSIVE and I’m an Inter fan

  9. If you follow Serie A and you're not excited for Zlatan's return then you're afraid. As a Juve fan I couldn't be more excited. If Zlatan can't bring Milan back where they belong no one can.

  10. As a JUVE fan, I would recommend for the team directors to sack Sarri as soon as possible and begin talks with Wolverhampton and try to sign Nuno de Espirito Santo. This coach is a genious and he could bring his Portuguese magic to Turin. This is probably far fetched but anything is possible.

  11. Marco, regarding your Pele story. Look into the 1966 world cup and see what Pele was all about. That year Eusebio, (if you even know who he is), destroyed Brazil and Pele and Portugal were favoured to win the world cup. Pele choked and Eusebio kicked his ass.

  12. Love the podcast guys. Mad I just found out about u guys. I think with the way zlatan plays Milan is going to be forced to feed him the ball in almost every attack.

  13. Antonio, I wish Milan good luck with the signing of Ibra. This guy has a giant ego and he is known to be a real asshole. He won't score 10 goals for Milan. This signing is a waste of Milan's money. Ibra can't run and keep up with the aggressive Italian defending from opposing teams. He is going to be a failure!

  14. Guys, I sent you a message on Whatsapp like 2 weeks ago and you still haven't seen it yet. I'm wondering if you even received it

  15. Lukaku gets u 15+ goals every season ,his worst seasons he still give u goals, i dont understand all this «he’s not worldclass» he def has the potential,he works,have you seen the assists he gives,almost the perfect striker,its his first season in serie a and he’s already scored 13 goals ,his last season in man u was 15,i agree he needs that calmness but other than that he’s good,amazing podcast as always!!

  16. I think juve is stupid if they dont buy halaand because he can be our next future star sign him for cheap maybe he won't play that much this year but look higuain is old ronaldo as well who will play in attack in next 3 to 5 years? Dybala will be 30 then so haland is the best option. Also we should sell matuidi can khedira perin rugani to get money and trim the team and then fix the midfield and demiral should stay demiral and de ligt are the future

  17. I‘ve watched Icardi since he joined Samp and as an Inter fan I got the chance to watch hin even more
    tbh the cleanest and most leathal striker ever seen to play the game
    this guy scores every 7 ball contacts

  18. Hi guys , here after watching the 100th podcast and been following u since number 25. Keep going.

    I am a big Chelsea fan from India , but I follow generally two leagues i.e EPL and Serie A.

    So it was great to find your channel with english speaking serie A fans.

    good luck and keep it up with the great content.

  19. Those who think Ibra is a bad signing for milan are delusional. Even if Zlatan doesn't play he brings the winner mentality. Something that milan is lacking atm.

  20. I'm a milan fan, and I disagree with Antonio. There are many things that need to change with the club, but I believe Romangli is one of the few competent players in their defense. They need to go young and develop character in the squad. I think the rebuild starts with a coach with a vision. Who could you get as a coach if you needed to start a rebuild?

  21. Watched the whole episode, classy as always, a big thumbs up for iftv and co.

    And congratulations on your 100th episode. Bravo

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