Top 5 Smartest GAME SHOW WINNERS! (Savage Guy Roasted Host, Wins $2 Million)

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Top 5 Smartest GAME SHOW WINNERS! (Savage Guy Roasts Host, Wins $2 Million) Part 2
Part 1:
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2nd Channel:

8. Family Feud 194 points best ever:
7. Michael Larson Press your luck:
6. Weakest link savage host:
5. Who wants to be a millionaire 2.18 million dollar question:
4. phone a friend using internet:
3. Wheel of fortune one letter solve:
2. are you smarter than a 5th grader:
1. jeopardy like a boss:

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32 thoughts on “Top 5 Smartest GAME SHOW WINNERS! (Savage Guy Roasted Host, Wins $2 Million)

  1. There was once a FF (before Steve Harvey) winner when she went first and got 209 and they made fun of the second contestant by asking random questions.

  2. Holy crap, that's what trendcrave looks like. Thought you were a 40yo Jersey dude with like a gold chain over your boob hair.

  3. Uhhh 33 people really said ice hardens when cool really its water DA not ice that hardens. Also could have done without the fortnite filler

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