Top 10 Game Shows of All Time (Redux)

Iconic hosts, memorable catchphrases and wacky antics are what make these shows popular. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 game shows. Check us out at and

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46 thoughts on “Top 10 Game Shows of All Time (Redux)

  1. i think Jeopardy! and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.

    Jeopardy are HARD QUESTIONS
    Who Wants To be a Millionaire are
    EASY QUESTIONS with Clue

  2. I am outraged that The Price is Right wasn't #1. Jeopardy is so boring. And how is Pyramid an "honorable mention?". Its probably my 2nd favorite game show next to TPIR.

  3. Have you had game shows like we have in Sri Lanka, “Salli Vassa” – meaning “Money Rain.” The contestant is put in to a box and is allowed to catch money blown by the wind coming from underneath. Why don’t you also try in your country? Please watch the video of “salli vassa.” It starts at 35 sec.

  4. Considering the original video and then the redux is mostly American shows, can we have a list of just BRITISH game shows?! 😀

  5. One of my favorite game shows is Wheel of Fortune because there are so many opportunities to win cash, cars, and trips. I also wonder if the game show Deal or No Deal is still running on TV.

  6. No Jeux Sans Frontieres? 1965-1999, with European countries, way before Takeshi Castle and more well known. But mostly USA's game shows are in this list, so not suprised. (Yes, I know that JSF is based on the UK's It's a Knockout.)

  7. LET'S MAKE A DEAL (NBC-TV: 12/30/1963-12/27/1968 & 5/21-9/3/1967, ABC-TV: 12/30/1968-7/9/1976 & 2/7/1969-8/30/1971, Syndicated: 9/13/1971-9/12/1986, NBC-TV: 7/9/1990-1/11/1991 & 3/4-18/2003 & CBS-TV: 10/5/2009-Present.)

    ((THE) (NEW)) HOLLYWOOD SQUARES (NBC-TV: 10/17/1966-6/20/1980 & 1/12-9/13/1968 & Syndicated: 11/1/1971-9/10/2004.)

    (THE NEW) WHO WANTS TO BE A (SUPER) MILLIONAIRE? (ABC-TV & Syndicated: 8/16/1999-Present.)

    THE WEAKEST LINK (NBC-TV & Syndicated: 1/17/2001-9/12/2003.)

    The MATCH GamE  (NBC-TV: 12/31/1962-9/26/1969, CBS-TV: As MATCH GAME 73-79 7/2/1973-4/20/1979, Syndicated: ((THE) (NEW) MATCH GAME (pm/NOW:) 9/8/1975-9/17/1999 & ABC-TV: (THE RETURN OF) THE ALL-NEW MATCH GAME 7/16/1990-Present.)

    WHEEL OF FORTUNE (NBC-TV, CBS-TV, NBC-TV & Syndicated: 1/6/1975-Present.)

    THE PRICE IS RIGHT (NBC-TV: 11/26/1956-9/6/1963, ABC-TV: 9/9/1963-9/3/1965, CBS-TV: 9/4/1972-Present & Syndicated: 9/11/1972-1/27/1995.)

    THE FAMILY FEUD (ABC-TV, CBS-TV, Syndicated, NBC-TV & ABC-TV: 7/12/1976-Present.)

    ((THE) (ALL/)(BRAND) (NEW)/(SUPER) JEOPARDY! (The $250,000 CHALLENGE/JEP!) (NBC-TV, Syndicated, NBC-TV, Syndicated & ABC-TV: 3/30/1964-Present.)

  8. Come on #1 is The Price is Right it doesn't make you feel dumb like you said Jeopardy does and it's been on at #1 timeslot for 47 years and still #1.

  9. Game shows are fundamentally evil. They are a panacea to the poor masses in capitalist socieities to circumvent their frustration at not getting a fair piece of the pie…so long as they can wish or dream about it. When 1 farmer can easily feed 165 people, and property values are little more than speculation on dirt, it pretty obvious most people are getting shafted and unreimbursed for their hard work. I guess this is the way capitalism keeps people dumb enough to bear it and keep acting like workhorses for "the man"…that is until they are useless for their purpose…and be sent off to the glue factory.

  10. My Top 10 Game Shows Of All Time

    1. Match Game
    2. Jeopardy
    3. The Price Is Right
    4. Press Your Luck
    5. Family Feud
    6. Deal Or No Deal
    7. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
    8. Lingo
    9. Wheel Of Fortune
    10. Pyramid

  11. 10. Twenty One
    9. Golden Balls
    8. Tic-Tac-Dough
    7. Concentration
    6. Camouflage
    5. Wheel of Fortune
    4. Who Wants To Be a Millionaire
    3. Press Your Luck
    2. Bullseye
    1. Weakest Link


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