27 thoughts on “Tired of Sex By: Weezer

  1. I see why Rivers never wants to play any songs off this album.

    Except for tired of sex, this is a great song.

  2. Love Weezer, you can probably tell. figured I'd share this video/song of mine here. Thanks for listening

  3. Got damn, those 2 screams after the first verse followed by the way he belts the 2nd verse makes my hair stand on end. Then that guitar solo is ripped with the same energy… Genius doesnt give this songs it's due justice.

  4. Damn memories. People talked so much shit to me for having a Weezer back patch lol fuck them then and fuck them now. This album was and is awesome

  5. Holy shit that second half!!!! This is the same band that did the green album? Pinkerton feels like a beast of its own when put with the rest of the band's catalogue.

  6. Fantastic keyboard, bass and lead layering balancing. You guys should make heaps more of this style songs instead of crap C grade shit.

  7. My wife was tired of sex before we ever even met. Ladies, ladies…you’re whores, calm down stop wearing white on your wedding day and realize you’re absolute sluts now. Learn to cook and calm down. Your moms taught you to be whores cause they felt tricked. Destroy all whore women. Also white women, you’re white too. Lol.

  8. their best album so honest i know all there new stuff is really gimmicky but this was a moment in rock n roll hero FOR EVER <3

  9. While I don't agree with the themes of the album, the raw emotion in his voice and the way the guitars sound, I'm absolutely captivated with the hatred and sadness radiating from the song writing and sound design. Maybe my favourite album of all time

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