This Just Proves Why Lionel Messi Is The World's Best

Almost everybody thinks that Lionel Messi is the world’s best, but somehow there are still some people who say he isn’t. Let’s end this debate. This video just proves that he is the best. It’s not just an opinion of a Messi fan, it’s the opinion of the leading sport scientist and almost every football expert.


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42 thoughts on “This Just Proves Why Lionel Messi Is The World's Best

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  2. I respect Ronaldo, but any kid with half brain would know that Messi is on another level.. When it comes to dribbling, speed.. passing, Almost every freekick a goal + The finishing… Simple as that…

    Ronaldo is a better Header than Messi for SURE. Fact.

    End of story.

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  4. End of 2019…realising another year closer to end of an era…and i have tears in my eyes thinking about it…thinking about how lucky i am to witness him….LM10❤

  5. In my eyes Messi is the best. I love football, I enjoy watching every seconds of the whole 90 minutes game and I can see what Messi does. Nobody is even close to him.

  6. I’d easily put Ronaldinho, Brazilian Ronaldo and Maradona over Messi.

    Those guys played when Defenders were Monsters. Defenders now are weak

  7. Messi is just a Barcelona player and nothing else. He has never won anything for Argentina and never played in England or Italy. He would not succeed if he left Barcelona! All of these so called experts in this video are full of shit as they usually are when they comment on the subject of who's better. The 100% truth is that Messi can only do what he does at Barcelona and NO WHERE ELSE! Ronaldo has accomplished much more for 3 different clubs and his national team, Portugal. Case closed!


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  9. Messi or CR7 ! Loading …………..100% One player found. Cristiano Ronaldo only. Messi is an alien 5:03 He's not from this world can't compare .

  10. Messi 6th ballon d or and c ronaldo didnt turn up again what a hater no respect whatsoever n hes meant to be the goat 😂😂😂

  11. world not need any more proof that he's the best. and one more thing, 1K UNLIKES i think they watch cricket or golf or something or seriously jealous about the best..

  12. i couldn't stop smiling. Lord Messi scored an A+ in every aspect of football analysis. yet he remains such a humble person. Lord MESSI!!!!

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