Should Juventus switch out Maurizio Sarri for Mauricio Pochettino? | Serie A

Matteo Bonetti joins Craig Burley, Dan Thomas and Shaka Hislop on ESPN FC to break down where Juventus fell short in their 3-1 Supercoppa defeat vs. Lazio in Riyad, Saudi Arabia. Bonetti outlines how Juve are still struggling to adapt to new coach Maurizio Sarri’s playing style and how their shifted focus to the winning the Champions League with Cristiano Ronaldo, while Burley believes that the side should look to bring in former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino while he’s available.


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29 thoughts on “Should Juventus switch out Maurizio Sarri for Mauricio Pochettino? | Serie A

  1. Juventus midfield ain't great. Sarri ball needs better midfielders and Juventus don't have it at the moment. Sarri needs to sign midfielders or his Sarri ball system will fail again like it did at Chelsea.

  2. Yes absolutely. Sarri is an incompetent idiot and should be kicked out of Juve. Maybe for Mauricio Pochettino maybe for someone other. But Sarri must go!

  3. I keep hearing Italian sports journalists talking about Sarri's ball or Sarri's system. My question is what has this so call Sarri's system won for any club since his coaching career came to prominence? Even at Napoli he won nothing tangible for them therefore it is ridiculous to keep saying that. And also, I believe this is madness to keep referencing what he did at Napoli cause he did not win the serie A or champions league. Lastly, I don't think Ronaldo came to Italy to only win champions league, I believe he came to win every title that they have to compete for. The poor performances of juve this season has gotten us to notice the other teams that are around them, and that is why a lot of folks like Mathieu are saying that Lazio are doing great. If juve were still playing at the level they had with Allegri last season the Serie A would have been a good distance for teams like lazio, inter and etc. To keep with juve this season but this whole Sarri's ball narrative has taken further backward.

  4. Sari-Ball has got to go. The horrible midfield and sad passing habits are causing the teams downfall. There is nothing wrong with Cristiano . They just don’t have a clue on how to get him the ball….

  5. Juve lacks a creative midfield.. if they had it then ronaldo and higuain would have been the top scorers in the league. I mean those guys have exceptional finishing skills and are never really put to use becoz of a poor midfield.
    And Lazio is amazing. Especially the midfield. Its really strong. Juve should try to get some quality midfielders in january like savić or pogba

  6. What was Juventus thinking by appointing a boring guy like Sarri as manager? Their dumbest move ever. Sarri out!!

  7. Juve are not some mid tier english side, calm down there is no need for replacing coach at this time. It's simply not Juve style Sarri will get season and we will talk about it at the end of the season.

  8. It's December folks!
    Juve are in 2nd place in Serie A on goal differential and topped their UCL group with ease. Let's not panic just yet.

  9. Sarri is obsolete, not a winner mentality, unfortunately Juve' s management is not very bright and they are fixeted with italian coaches.

  10. Only Pjanic that capable as a top teams midfield. If there's still Marchisio and Pirlo this Juventus would be a lot stronger

  11. Guys, juve is not a club that get rid of managers straight after a loss or two.
    They have plans.
    They failed to sell as much players as they want, but eventually they'll do it. Then Sarri will have midfielders he wants and only then we will be able to judge him.

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