Sex boardgame has Ricky Gervais, Elizabeth Banks and Kylie in hysterics! | Graham Norton Show – BBC

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Elizabeth Banks, Kylie Minogue, Graham Norton and Ricky Gervais play a round of questions from Elizabeth’s board game, Unveiled. Questions include how do you signal you want sex, what do you call your privates and what is your get it on song… It Culminates in Kylie singing ‘Tears on my Pillow’ to Ricky Gervais!

Together on Graham’s sofa tonight: British racing star Lewis Hamilton, fresh from winning his sixth Formula One world title; Hollywood star Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games, Pitch Perfect), playing Bosley in the new Charlie’s Angels movie, which she also wrote and directed; comedy superstar Ricky Gervais, starting a world tour of his new stage show SuperNature; and pop queen Kylie Minogue, who chats and performs a special version of her No.1 hit single Slow.

The Graham Norton Show | Series 26 Episode 8 | BBC

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33 thoughts on “Sex boardgame has Ricky Gervais, Elizabeth Banks and Kylie in hysterics! | Graham Norton Show – BBC

  1. Arr I felt sorry for Ricky with the unattractive joke, he can't be that bad if he's been in a relationship for 35+ years! Ha! I swear Kylie cross eyed at one of the jokes hahaa

  2. Nothing is sexier than a fellow who can make a gal laugh. Although as a middle-aged spinster who laughs at my cat wagging her tail, I'm easy to please. No, Ricky's hot!!

  3. Those saying that Kylie is only beautiful due to plastic surgery are bonkers. It takes good genetics, and a great lifestyle to maintain that figure. Plastic surgery can't help you if you're 300 pounds.

  4. Banks ruined my all times favourite sitcom scrubs but more importantly JESUS COMING BACK SOON AND Y'ALL WILL SPEND ETERNITY IN HELL hope 5 minutes fame was worth it.

  5. Why are Ricky & Elizabeth's surnames provided and not this 'Kylie'. I know I'm out of touch, but I don't know who this is… not Kylie Jenner, I assume …

  6. Unveiled is the first boardgame I've ever come across (behave!) that doesn't have any rating on BoardGameGeek. That's definitely a first.

  7. here we go, more of the same "how cool can i look on a talk show promoting my latest whatever". the wait for proper TV goes on

  8. Graham's show is less a TV talk show and MORE of a hedonist's club where all is fair in love, war and all human desires…. What an awesome place to be!

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