20 thoughts on “Real Madrid 50 GOALS of the DECADE

    These goals were in my opinion the most important ones. I did not said the best goals, or the crazy ones. I said goals of the Decade. In my opinion these goals have made history, won trophies, won our hearts, broke records, made us proud, and yes, these are goals of the decade. There were 1500+ goals scored. 450 of those goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo. You may say, why too many goals by Cris? Well its obvious, he was crucial for our team. I know there are so many amazing goals scored, too many, crazy, fantastic goals, but it would have been more than 250 goals, and it would have been just beautiful, not goals that will be remember for a long time. In this case, these were the goals that in opinion made this Decade, such a crazy, beautiful, lovely one. More to come guys. HALA MADRID!

  2. 450 goals in 438 appearances and 131 assists .without ronaldo cant able watch rmd play….best player at dubai globe soccor awards for 6th time
    GOAT CR7

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