29 thoughts on “Preseason 2020 Spotlight | Gameplay – League of Legends

  1. For that Gnar escape he didn't even need the alcoves. He had ult, flash, and jump and could've used any of these methods to escape. He didn't need to use all the abilities.

  2. Gotta say, loving the new drakes… but elder… I mean wtf Riot XD can't you see its busted :/ Hoping for a change – A since beta League Player

  3. Dragon Souls: 6/10
    Elder Dragon Soul: 0/10

    if the counter-play to something is "just don't let them x" it's a bad mechanic

  4. I'd be amazed to actually see the souls come into play. I've never seen anyone get a full 4 stack of a single drake's buff. Or does it count any element of dragon, and you just get the soul for the 4th one?

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