45 thoughts on “Pat Benatar – Sex As A Weapon

  1. Blasting my air guitar and singing into my curling iron while watching my bad ass self in the mirror..Just like the good ole days.

  2. Pat Benatar is the best singer of all time, it is unfair that she is not incomprehensible in the hall of fame, the queen of rock ………

  3. MTV Flashback Top 20 Countdown December 13 1985 – YES 34 years ago #12 ( VHS tape edited to 34 minutes top 12 partial )

  4. FINALLY!!! THIS ROCK GODDESS IS NOMINATED FOR THE ROCK-N-ROLL HALL OF FAME!!! She deserves to get in!!! I love love love her!!!

  5. This was a song way ahead of its time. Pat Benatar is a singer ahead of her time. She fought behind the scenes to open up music to women. She's a living Hall of Fame.

  6. Great song, sexy singer.

    Director: Daniel Kleinmann, who was 7 times responsible for the title sequence of the last 8 Bond movies!

  7. Wow! Wow! WOW! HUGE crush on such a talented and beautiful vocalist! Still haven't gotten to see them in concert yet! sigh I'd probably go ga-ga and just pass out anyway.

  8. Low views for likely they're most intelligent song and most creative video. Both ahead of their time. When it came out MTV feared this video..taking the band's message the wrong way, leading to hiding it a bit from viewers. The way pat Benatar quickly appears & quickly vanishes as another Pat appears beside her while endless monitors play scenes behind her. Noone else was doing this in videos that I recall. Heavy metal mostly dominated during this period …generally featuring cliche , inexpensive videos.

  9. I've seen a couple of people's posts that they think there's a story behind the song… there very much is… back in the 80s the record labels kept wanting her to dress up like a sexy little kitten Vixen and she was uncomfortable with it… towards the end of the song where they show her album cover when she's bending backwards and she's wearing the skin tight outfit and she's sings the line "sex as a weapon" she looks up at the picture that was kind of a "screw you" to the record labels.. because of her confidence and success in the end she got her way.. directly after that panel in the video you see the giant Bank of Television screens.. in the bottom right-hand corner you see Pat and she has kind of a self-satisfied smirk on her face cuz she got her point across

  10. I am analyzing this for my BA-project i musicology where the focus is on women in rock. If anyone have analyzed this, or know some cool facts pls message me. (I already have Lewis' "Gender politics and MTV".)

  11. For me EVERY WOMAN I have ever dated or married (I have been married twice) used sex as a weapon, and it was OK (to them) that they cheated on me, but if I cheated on them I was SH*T, and I was a jerk and a bastard, but like I said if they wanted something "extra" that was fine FOR THEM!!!! I am so sick of woman and their double standards that I ended up become a MGTOW Man BEFORE MGTOW was even a thing!! And with my last divorce in 2002 I am in a committed relationship NOW, but my lady understands once she has broken my trust and destroyed my respect for her….THERE IS NO GETTING IT BACK, and I have proven this by what I have taught her about my two ex wives and countless ex girl friends!! I am NO LONGER playing a woman's game and I don't need a woman in my life that badly, because women have shown me repeatedly that they are totally worthless to start with most of the time anyhow!!! And honestly I CAN DO EVERYTHING a woman can with the exception of having a child…..but really is that anything to be honestly "proud of" when most women take kids for granted like they do their men as well too!!! And mind you NOT all women take their kids for granted, but a majority only use their kids as pawns to suck the system dry which is sad as well too!!

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