Parma-Milan 4-5 Highlights | AC Milan Official

Serie A TIM Season 2014/15
Day 2, September 14th 2014 (14/09/2014)

25′ Bonaventura (M),
27′ Cassano (P),
37′ Honda (M),
45′ Menez (M) rig,,
51′ Felipe (P),
68′ De Jong (M),
73′ Lucarelli (P),
79′ Menez (M),
89′ De Sciglio (M) aut.

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40 thoughts on “Parma-Milan 4-5 Highlights | AC Milan Official

  1. Ero presente in tribuna, una partita così trash e divertente non l ho mai vista ahaahahahah, che mostro era menez mi ricordo a parma tutti provavamo a alzare la palla col tacco e non ci riuscivamo, #memories

  2. I want everyone to know, that im italian and i am a milanista, (i cheer for milan) i know the players better than you guys do.. Fifa has their stupid predictions, but theyre not the best ones… Abate is a really great RB, paris saint germain once tried to buy him, so i'de calm down…

  3. Mexes and Rami are the ones who should be in central defense, they are not the best in the world, but they are much more solid than Alex-Bonera!

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