Lionel Messi vs. Virgil van Dijk Ballon d’Or debate gets HEATED! | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Frank Leboeuf, Mark Ogden and Steve Nicol take on the major arguments after Barcelona’s Lionel Messi narrowly beat out Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk for the 2019 Ballon d’Or award, including: should Messi care that he has gone above Juventus’ Cristiano Ronaldo with an unprecedented sixth win, (4:26) have players like Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema been ranked too poorly by the voters, (5:10) will PSG stars Kylian Mbappé and Neymar be the next players to dominate the Ballon d’Or discussions, (6:04) and is the Ballon d’Or meant to be for the best player in the past year or the best player on the planet.


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38 thoughts on “Lionel Messi vs. Virgil van Dijk Ballon d’Or debate gets HEATED! | ESPN FC

  1. I am a Liverpool fan and I think Van dijk deserves the prize. But Moreno has a point, you can't compare someone's standard with himself. Messi deserved the prize as well. He got it and Van dijk didn't. End of story.

  2. I've seen many sharp shooters like Cristiano, Lewandowski etc, many dribblers like Maradona, Best etc, many playmakers like Zidane, Xavi etc, many prolific goalscorers like Ronaldo, Romario etc, many players having vision like Scholes, Modric etc, many having ball control like Iniesta, Ronaldinho etc, many talented Free Kick takers like Beckham, Juninho etc, many speedsters like Bale, Robben etc, many assist providers like Ozil, De Bruyne etc, many passers like Kroos, Pirlo etc.

    But.. but… I've never witnessed a man who is capable of doing everything… a man who dominates almost all aspects of this game.. other than LIONEL MESSI….

  3. Barca won la liga because of Messi it was because Real Madrid n atl. Madrid didn’t play the football as high as expected from them

  4. come on guys ..Ballon d'or award is a personal performance award not a team performance award .you can't compare what Leo did last season to what van D did ..please Ronaldo fans ..ronaldo did not make Juventus win the league.they have been winning the league for four times in a role and you call that a challenge?.They bought C .Ronaldo because of the champions league .C Ronaldo needs someone to create for him that's what made him to be a better scorer at real Madrid now Juventus is filled up with selfish players on the other hand Messi can create but it is lack of others to turn those chances into goals .Mane had a better performance than C.R last season .I know C.R is a great player but last season he did nothing and I don't know why he won the MVP award.May be just so that the Serial A can gain more likes because C.R attracts attention ..

  5. That guy just said if Yu saw Messi in the second leg of the champions league semi you wouldn't think he'd win Balon D'or … This channel is total bullshit … The analyst all sit on their eyes! … by that same argument… If you see VVD in the first leg after Messi embarrassed the entire Liverpool team none of them should win it!!


  7. Maybe if the "same" players aren't to win it all the time … Then some other players should step up and match the "same" players … Balon D'or is an AWARD TO BE EARNEDDDD! by the BEST!!!! player … Not the new player than had a fantastic breakout season at age 27 😑😑

  8. Only Arrogance wants an average player at the top. Common sense tells you Messi is the best player in the world. This is not a democratic election.

  9. Lol….He still managed to score that much goals and assists under lord valverde…can you imagine vvd playing under valverde.🤦‍♂️🙄😂😂😂.. vvd had best coach best players best team n everything…. look at mesii.. he is barcelona…

  10. Ok Ale Moreno – Mahrez was the captain of Algeria that won Africa Cup of Nations, the first time after 1990. And what did Benzema win????? I'd appreciate some thinking before scoffing and laughing and calling it a joke.

  11. I'm with Alejandro Moreno, it was decided on a democartic matter by votes. Messi won by most votes period. 2 top contenders and someone had to win by votes. I agree Messi had the edge on Van Dijk. Most assist & goals than Virgil Van Dijk and Messi was more of an influential player in his team.

  12. So according to that man the ballon D'OR should be given to players eho the UCL is he high on cocaine???????
    Who tf is that guy i never heard him play for any team go score 50+ goals in one season

  13. Way to prove Marks point Dan. “It’s not Messis fault they lost, it’s the other 10 players”. Win as a team, lose as a team. Don’t keep him from blame just because he’s Messi

  14. If zlatan was on here , he would have slapped that guy and explained why humans can’t win the same trophy as Gods 😂😂😂😂

  15. Van Dijk make the most difference…. Messi will always be the best player every year….. Van Dijk beats messi at anfield so he has a case.

  16. Riyad Mahrez lead his national team, Algeria, to the Africa cup of Nations. And his performance was superb! Mahrez definitely deserved to be placed above Benzema. Benzema ddnt have the better season.

  17. He has'nt won everything, he has La Liga medals in his cabinet, he has never lllllleft his comfort zone to prove he is his own man, he is good, not complete. Argentina is reference. I'll take CR7 any time of day.

  18. MAGICAL MESSI, GOD'S Gift is above Ballon Dor, we need a separate 'ONCE in GENERATION AWARD'… It's an insult to MESSI to be compared to REFFanaldo MadREFF corrupt REFFS product, Shnider, Forlan, Buffon, Casillas, Kaka, Dijak, Modric… MAGICAL MESSI is out of this world.. MESSI plays attacking midfielder, Play-Maker, givingaway goals, assists to team mates, yet still ends up with RECORD GOALS, RECORD ASSISTS every year, despite Spain/EU REFFS robbing MESSI legit goals, denying legit penalties, allowing 5 defenders serround and KICK, Elbow, grab, pull, wrestle Messi.. Who would you pay MOST MONEY to play for your team, "O yea, Forlan, Casillas, Snider, Buffon, Dijak, Iniesta, Ramos, REFFanaldo, Modric, Ramos & Pepe…. anyone but MESSI.." My goodness, these BLUFFERS, obvious LIARS to themselves, it's so PATHETIC, and they know they are being PATHETIC, intentionally

  19. How can he say to have a good year Messi needs to win the champions league and World Cup 🥴🥴, it’s 2019 no one won the World Cup this year u nonce

  20. Virgil van Dijk had arguably the best season, and the biggest impact on his team, that a defender can possibly have. If he couldn't win the Ballon d'Or this season, it's virtually impossible for a defender to win it. There's a bias that defines soccer skill as attacking skill. Defensive skill is just as valuable but not recognized equally.

  21. That mark guy started with some valid points but towards the end became prejudiced. Y is the success bar different for different players? Ronaldo and Messi should perform extra to win the award? RIP logic

  22. One Year they give the Ballon D Or to the highest goal scorer, another year they give it to the best player of the champions league, the other year they have it to Modric who won the champions league but failed to win anything else or score 50 goals that season.

    What is the prize based on? Popularity? talent? Goals scored? Champions league or just being CR7 or MESSI?

    That’s the mayor confusión

  23. They're actually saying the same thing. But one side translates "Outstanding" as a self-comparison, while the other side translates it as an overall comparison.

    Virgil Van Dijk exceeded Virgil Van Dijk's standards more than Messi exceeded Messi's standard. But Messi's standard is higher than Van Dijk's standard. For example, let's say Van Dijk's normal level is 7. This past year he preformed at 9, far exceeding his own standard. Messi's normal level is 10, and he preformed at 10, not exceeding his own standard, but still outperforming Van Dijk.

    So yes, if the prize is about exceeded one's own normal standard, Van Dijk should have won. But if it's about who preformed the highest, it's always going to be Messi

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