I spent a day with SEX THERAPISTS

I spent a day with SEX THERAPISTS (or sex gurus) to see if the negative stigma and controversial rumors about sex therapists are true.
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▸ Editor – Mike Criscimagna
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▸ Stage Manager – Cort Maclean

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45 thoughts on “I spent a day with SEX THERAPISTS

  1. ⚠️ shoutout to asexuals who were not properly represented in this video. i plan to spend a day with asexuals in the future for you to be heard as well.
    🚨 youtube refuses to monetize anything that has “sex” as a topic, even for discussion and educational purposes. therefore i am paying for this video entirely out of my pocket and youtube will not promote this video in the same way it normally does. plz share this video with one friend so this video about sexual health will get the attention it deserves.
    come back next week for I spent a day with E-BOYS — thank you so much for supporting me and this series 🙂
    luv, anthony padildo

  2. The thumbnail is my teacher saying sex and 2nd grade me laughing at sex ed (I ALMOST TYPED TEACHER HAVING SEX WHO KNOWS WHAT PEOPLE WOULD OF SAID IF I NEVDR NOTICED)

  3. T all the virgins don't feel pressured and wait it's the right thing to do. Everyone talks about how amazing it is but it takes the right person for it to be amazing so waiting is worth it

  4. My ace ass listening to this crap 😂 Also, we don't all come out the vag. I was a c section 😂
    Edit- only some of it is ridiculous

  5. I can't believe that watching one YouTube video could change my point of view for sex since in almost every Asian country, sex is taboo and no one is talking about this topic

  6. Spend a day with anti vax people! invite Dr. Paul Thomas (he isn't anti vax but very informed) and Dr. Dale Brown PLEAAAASSEEEEE! Would be awesome.

  7. "Everybody loves sex"
    I don't agree. I was abused as a kid and I was physically and mentally repelled by sex and ashamed of it. If he would be saying that to me in therapy it'd definately make me bring up that feeling of shame because I'm different. I think a lot of women struggle with sexuality, sadly. And their perspective is not professional but personal and I would not feel comfortable.

    That lady is great though, she seems very professional and well-informed.

  8. Wow one can clearly see how repressed this video was, its probably one most subs would watch but I didnt even get it on my recommended or subscriptions when it came out

  9. Ok weird fact my crush wants to be a therapist and she's asexual like sorry but that's kinda linked to the video 😂

  10. I think it could have been emphasized more that sex therapists with certified education in psychology can be extremely helpful when coping and dealing with past trauma that is related to sex and sexuality. Unfortunately, at least where I'm from (I don't know whether this is true in the United States), just about anyone can title themselves a "sex therapist", while having absolutely no education at all, and therefore it's important to do a little background research if you are considering seeing a sex therapist and sharing things that are sensitive and vulnerable.

  11. I genuinely enjoyed hearing Dr. Stephanie’s point of view on things. Wish the interview had been more with her, the couple struck me as being unprofessional.

  12. Thanks for mentioning this video in your emo vid otherwise I wouldn't have seen it. Sex discussion and education should be promoted the same as your other videos.

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