Husband in Peloton commercial buys real-life girlfriend a Peloton bike

FOX Business’ Kristina Partsinevelos reports on the husband from the controversial Peloton commercial got his girlfriend in real life a Peloton.

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48 thoughts on “Husband in Peloton commercial buys real-life girlfriend a Peloton bike

  1. Their is a component of emotional well-being that comes with exercise…most feminists have never…..well, do I NEED to finish this sentence??

  2. Good for Peloton on not making a outright apology…we are sorry that some nut bags have a overactive imagination…😁….that’s what I read into their statement 👍🏻👍🏻

  3. Leftists, feminists, MSM, RINOs, TPUSA, Fox news, Chickfila…….same BS. Only REDblooded nationalists can upright this sinking ship: watch Virginia for real info.

  4. So stupid! I liked this ad rather than the sweating riders,I used to go to rumba dance exercise but it was after the spin class on those bikes. Sweat everywhere on bikes,floor , everywhere ,they would run right out after pushing bikes back along wall. Ugh

  5. People need to stop hating this man and actually point your worthless hate towards something that matters…. like finding a life!

  6. Not exactly a bad video however…
    Dear YouTube

    Can I learn about relevant matters please?

    Obviously not this (trending news tab) is all about fake impeachment and what melania wore three weeks ago and what how Trudeau roasted trump and other BULLS**T.



  7. Peloton makes it easy to work out at home, which is the exact reason they will fail. Going to the gym is a routine that people can follow, using your own equipment at home is so convenient that it makes it almost impossible to routinely do (there's always a convenient excuse available).

  8. What a Bunch of Morons! Anyone who pays for a piece of Crap as this Pelton bike needs to have their head examined. 💩😒👎

  9. As a rule of thumb, it is never a good idea to buy your wife or girlfriend exercise equipment. It is also not a good idea to suggest that THEY buy exercise equipment. In the female mind, that translates to "OMG, YOU THINK I'M FAT!" A safer option is to buy yourself the exercise equipment and pretend you aren't aware that she uses it when you are gone.

  10. All of the fat azz feminists got triggered… in real life this guy and his girl friend have a fitness lifestyle… so its a thoughtful gift 🙂

  11. I had two questions about the original ad, why only one bike, and why didn't the actors in the ad get a free bike?
    So why did the guy have to buy a bike when he's clearly a good brand ambassador?
    And on a personal note, yeah, the bike is pretty darn expensive, which I think is effecting their share price more than Ryan's Gin.

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