46 thoughts on “Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US

  1. If anyone of you is reading this just know if I had the money in the world if I could assure all a safe home believe me I’ll will also be there and do whatever it takes to feel loved I pray that all find their way back home if not to a safe person and maybe someday my wish will come true…. 🙏🏽 💚

  2. This shows me I'm definitely a great Mother,I did Good!! Bless all them Girls who are still in the Hussle…I Pray

  3. We can sit back and blame the pimps and johns who deserve their credit and time in general population but the true source of the problem is usually verbally and physically abusive parents and guardians. Child Protective Services is not a saintly organization either. Many are shocked at the amount of insecure and addicted mothers who allow their boyfriends and husbands to rape their children or beat the hell out of them. We are in a largely psychopath society where children deserve to be treated fairly and have parents as friends their children can open up and discuss anything with but in most of these cases these children have nobody to turn to that they’ll take their chances living on the streets because of the negative friction they suffer from abusive parents. Of course you have the rich brats whom when they just cannot have everything their way that they’ll runaway from home and wind up in the home of drug dealers. That happens but these displaced children whom are taken from functional homes because the parents like to smoke weed and Child Peotection Services being paid $4000 per displaced child is a crime within itself because look at all of the junkies on prescribed medications whom are drugged out of their minds. Just because doctors give them prescriptions doesn’t justify having drugged up abusive parents. Also a lot of these families whom are in the US illegally refuse to report their children missing.because of fear of deportation while lots of illegal alien adult males have the attitude if the child isn’t old enough to bleed they’ll just cut them with a knife. These people cannot be cured. The only cure for them is a bullet between the eyes and our Democrats and shade tree Republicans whom support open borders are just as guilty as they are and the perfect solution for them to be hung by their necks on the highest limbs on the tallest trees and left hanging until they right and fall to the ground in pieces.

  4. I don’t want to catch the sex traffickers because they’re working with the government as well I wish people wake the fuck up

  5. For all you out there that aren't awhere, President Trump signed more executive orders involving the stopping of human trafficking, than any other president! He has made it a Mainstay issue with his AG. PS: he's also brought down more pedophile rings, and human trafficking rings than any other president combined!

  6. Teen girls and boys now need to watch this video! Especially the part of the first girl who went on sugar daddy websites looking for one! It’s sad that apps like Tiktok are almost glorifying sugar daddies by showing their viewers all the things they get. And parents need to learn to not only protect their kids from the real world but the one in their palm of their hands too!

  7. Sometime when parents have there kids over protected that they don’t how to be street wise that they trust everyone that talks to them thinking that’s there friends… sometimes parents don’t talk to there kids to wise them up… you have to set a plan test them and see if they take the baked have someone that you are close to but your kids don’t know them to see if they get close to that person that’s how you going to fine out how your kids will act… this way you will know if your kid needs more wising up to do… always test your kids this way they can protect them self from harm

  8. Pimps of underage girls should automatically get their penis and testicles cut off as a punishment for human trafficking. Then they should be put in jail to work on hard labor for at least 20 years.

  9. If Women were in Charge Of the Justice System I can Assure you this would not be going on.

    Every “Pervert”, (don’t use a Name as High as John, an Apostle Of Yashua, to Describe Lust Driven Men) Should Absolutley Have their Names and Faces put in the paper and their Families Notified. ESPECIALLY their Wives who could
    be at Risk Of Infections. Shame on them for not Notifying them as a Health Department Mandate.

    No Consequences No Fear More Predators

    Shame on America’s Justice System

    Men Protecting Men Instead Of Holding them Accountable

    As Attested to by the Incredible Imbalance of Court Cases Against the Pimps

    Just Like the Pharisees Dragging the Woman “caught” in Adultery.

    Where was the Man?

    Yashua Come and Right the Wrongs on this Earth and Make it Evident how you Feel about Women and Children.

    And Set our Men Free from this Bondage that will Never Satisfy

    Only You will Satisfy

  10. Why aren’t we talking more about these men buying these children? The men are obviously our brothers, or our fathers, or our husband. What goes through there heads and what makes them get to that point of buying a child for sex. There needs to be more done period.

  11. Just like the drugs, they do nothing because on the large scale, we have prominent people that like Epstein & our president. Then there's our protection of the pilot field that has lead to %90 of our heroin in the US coming from Afghanistan where we claim to have destroyed the fields. Yet we are protecting the heroin trade that is out opioid problem & blame the opioid crisis on Dr's & patients. It's worked they are cornering these markets. While giving insurance companies a big break from taking care of more than 25 million patients that require pain medication for their injuries or diseases, sending many into the alleys to buy their illegal heroin & hope it is not laced with fentynal. This is why we have increased the OD rate with patients looking for Dr's in alleys instead of with their trusted Dr's that have cared for them for years. All to protect the heroin, money, money, money & people are profit.

  12. Omg I had such a different perception of human trafficking, I thought it was like in the movie taken where women just get kidnapped at gunpoint and never seen again. It seems like a lot more factors go into it.

  13. The truth is if there was no pimps they would still be out there pimping each other there drug addicts the country's has been saturated with drugs

  14. If you feel sexually attracted to children, get help, brain surgery, whatever will remove those feelings permanently. NO adult should act on any attraction to children. Any pedophile who refuses to seek meds or whatever would remove their inclinations MUST BE JAILED FOR LIFE. Children CANNOT give consent to something their bodies are not mature enough to feel. I don't care who advocates for paedophiles, you should be jailed for life as well. It's time to rid the human race of this depravity gene.

  15. Man at this point just stop the world i want off !!!! we can't win! we got the people in the government running sex trafficking business we got a pervert as a president, little girls going missing' we gotta run from white vans u can't go out at night u can't even trust the police. They be in on it to man i swear i hate it here !!! Smfh when the fuck we going to be able to live on mars because i ready to go

  16. I ran away from home because I was tired of being raped and abused. I’d blow someone’s face off if they tried this crap with me. I’ve worked with females that were human trafficked, I think not. Nor would I fit into a false narrative of someone playing make believe because that’s what they want to believe. I am safer where I’m at. Many of these girls do this on their own. Sometimes even their own family do it. Some of these women get addicted to hustling.

  17. What if a girl is just staring at you like, intensely. You get annoyed and complain to your friends, whoever is with you, or to yourself how annoying she is because she's staring at you. But actually she is trying to give you hints to help her. I always think about this now. I'm starting to pay attention to this stuff more and if I see something fishy like that I will say something to an adult to help since I am only 14 and I can't do much but call police or tell an adult to help.

  18. I wish men would stop wanting so much sex. I wish they would be decent guys and find one woman and treat her right. Such horror. Women please treat your children right. And teach them and love them. Take the phones away and take them out for walks and tell them about life.

  19. One penalty for these people, castrate and release, should be the punishment for rapists, pedofiles and sex traffickers!

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