Half Life: Alyx Is a Giant Leap Forward For VR

Are you wondering what is Half Life Alyx? Can you only play it in VR? How Big is it? Why didn’t they just make Half Life 3? We answer all those questions and more in today’s episode of Pretty Good Gaming

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47 thoughts on “Half Life: Alyx Is a Giant Leap Forward For VR

  1. It's cause valve was never about making story games. Their narrative is to push the bar further for video games. Before Half life, game devs didn't like adding physics because they didn't want to go through the process of programming it in. Same thing with Half Life Alyx, they're pushing it forward by incorporating physics in vr and even better graphics than before. They probably won't release a half life 3 unless they find something to innovate it with

  2. Thanks to boneworks, alyx isn’t really a great jump, it’s more like a mini jump, vr is so far along. Alyx is just removing the curtain

  3. The trailer is not real time people. Its completely pre-rendered. Theres not a hint of aliasing anywhere in it, which is not currently possible with any AA. How many times you gonna be duped before you start getting it? I realized this was pre-rendered after my first viewing. Its Anthem all over again.

  4. How is no one mentioning asgard's wrath as another triple A vr experience. It's the best vr experience you can have at the moment, at least in my opinion.

  5. There's gonna be a mod that makes the game playable with a mouse and a keyboard on a monitor, but it will be rough.. 😀

  6. For anyone who has never tried VR and only knows what they heard in the news 3 years or so ago when the Vive and the Rift were released and are hesitant/angry about this being a VR-only title, here's what you need to know:

    1) You don't need a $1000 headset and $4000 PC. The Samsung HMD Odyssey+ is a very good Windows Mixed Reality headset (it has the same resolution screens as the Vive Pro) and only costs $229.00. You can go even lower with $184.91 for HP's Mixed Reality Headset. These headsets are fully SteamVR-ready. For PC hardware, thanks to recent software tricks, you don't need a top-end gaming PC. Valve recommends a GTX 1060/RX 580 minimum for HL:A, which are both mid-range GPUs that go for around $170-$200. Even lower if you buy a second hand one. If you flat-out don't own a gaming PC at all, you can find guides for a $500 VR build on YouTube.

    2) Motion sickness isn't the huge issue you've heard it is from internet comedians. Modern VR headsets have been designed and extensively tested to ensure the hardware itself isn't the cause of any motion sickness. Not to say it's impossible, you might be extra-sensitive to motion sickness (though if that's the case, FPS games likely are also a problem for you) and you need to ensure you've got the headset setup correctly (i.e you're able to run the game at the minimum FPS and you have the IPD set correctly for your eyes). Beyond that, it's down to software, the developers need to make sure their camera system isn't weird and new players should avoid any artificial locomotion movement systems until they have adjusted.

    3) There's more movement options in VR than just teleporting. This is a popular option since it's more friendly towards new VR users, but many games also feature traditional WASD movement as an option for advanced players.

    4) They can't just "flick a switch" to make the game playable in non-VR. The big issue is that the game has been designed for use with what's essentially three input methods being used at the same time (your head, left hand and right hand). Further complicating things is the fact that the position and orientation in 3D space of these three input methods, as well as which fingers on what hand are in what position are also taken into consideration. This is straight-up impossible to replicate with a keyboard and mouse, assuming you don't want the game to play like Surgeon Simulator. In order to make a non-VR version, they would need to create hundreds of new canned animations to replicate some of the things the player can do in the VR version, not to mention programming new scripts for all these actions. This would be very time-consuming and would result in something that's very clunky to play. It would be better to just strip all this out of the game, but this would then require large parts of the game to be re-designed.

    Very important to add that you can cure motion sickness in 2-3 weeks by taking baby steps with artificial locomotion and irl movement in VR. Caring to avoid your subconscious associating nausea with VR. Takes patience for acclimation.

    Also important to add that VR doesn't require tons of space and that standing in one place can get you a great VR experience, but more room = more fun!

    Everyone seems to think they need to spend $1000+ on one game. So here are my system sellers: Boneworks, Asgard's wrath, Stormland, Vertigo 2, Lone Echo 2, Vader Immortal, Trover Saves the Universe, Vox Machinea, Windlands 2, Robo Recall, H3VR (hotdogs, horseshoes and hand grenades), Blade & Sorcery, Cosmic Trip, Espire 1, Arizona Sunshine, MMORPG OrbisVR, Space Junkies, Gorn, Fujii, Holoception, VTOL VR, Rec Room, Tilt Brush, SuperHot VR, Virtual Virtual Reality, Beat Saber, Pistol Whip, Onward, Pavlov, Contractors vr, Zero Caliber, Compound vr, google earth vr, virtual desktop, skyrimvr, NMSVR, so many amazing VR games and that is just off the top of my head.

  7. Missed opportunity to bundle/sell a Headcrab VR headset with HLA/HL1.5. Lulz.

    You guys forgot to look into Epic's VR game – Robo Recall. (I remember being salty when I found out that that game was VR-exclusive cause I wanted to play it.)

  8. "just looks so damn good" have you seen those textures? i mean really? I dare you guys to play it for 30 minutes straight and not vomit.

  9. Even Gabe said years ago that 3/episode 3 was in development. Either it got scrapped or he was lying. Oh well, I'm just excited for Alyx!

  10. Obviously the trailer footage is not what the game actually looks like right now. That being said it's definitely not something I would ever put my money down on until I saw it working in real time.

  11. this all makes sense as a move for valve, they know they can make some of the best games but they have always had a very unique way of making them, specifically half life games, to this point every half life game has been at the tip of the spear technologically, and all have been experiments in new areas, half life one was an experiment in graphical performance, half life 2 improved on that but was also a break through game with its physics engine and now valve is about to make the quintessential VR game to go with the rest of their half life series which has always been at the forefront of the PC industry and gaming technology, the hype train for alyx has already shot past half life 3 at escape velocity

  12. Still don't care about VR and I have a PSVR. Only break that thing out for friends. To me VR is still like 3D TVs gimmicky. And the whole floating hands thing still messes with me, why can't they show arms and see the body in VR yet?

  13. Growing up I never thought being a scientist was that cool. And then I meet Gordon Freeman. And now I know a scientist that can fight and shoot is the most deadliest man on the planet…😐👨‍🔬

  14. Before I watch this video, I want to give a shout out to Boneworks. It's probably the most boundary pushing VR game that's coming out right now. It's a 100% physics based game. It's a shooter, puzzle solver, and exploration adventure. Priced at 30 dollars on launch, you can interact with everything, even enemies. You're about to get punched? Grab the the things first, punch it in the face until it stops moving. I just watched a guy struggle to stuff a body into a locker and then close said locker. All that aside, you also have a slow-mo button and an and can telekineticly pull stuff towards you force style. It is fully designed and integrated with the Index controllers as well. This game is pretty much exactly what half life is going to be but introducing all these mechanics first and the studio has been working very for a many years to make it happen. You can see gameplay of Boneworks on the Node channel if you're curious but please check it out and maybe support them if you like it.

  15. Answer: No this is not that moment. The moment VR all waiting for is when VR hardware becomes affordable. Games are also important but idc what game is released if it's too expensive.

  16. I don't know as someone who doesn't use vr it's pretty cool to see valve trying to make a game for whole new system, it'll take some time to get used to vr for me anyway.

  17. Honestly, it’s not a big jump for VR. It’s just something to keep the VR alive because a AAA publisher is dipping their toes in it. Other than that, there is no other reason to comfortably own a VR. Unless you are a streamer.

  18. they want to sale vr plain and simple all these companies dont give a damn about gamers they give a damn about gamers pockets ……its not what the community wants …..its what they want to community to buy….just my take on it

  19. LOL I recall the original Half Life and how it brought systems to their knees, so pushing the VR envelope makes sense….Pushing technology

  20. Valve can’t count to 3 meme: I am IMMORTAL! A GOD OF MEEEEEMES!

    Half-Life 3 confirmed meme: Sorry pumpkin… Daddy’s Gotta go to work. <Flexes>

  21. What valve doesn't tell you…..
    This trailer is running on $4,000 worth of hardware. People will tell you that you can get a cheap headset for $200, they will fail to mention that doesn't include the computer, that it will run like trash, and this is mostly designed to sell vr, again, and also force everyone onto steam. Forcing you with half life again, just like half life 2, and the episodes that you couldn't play without steam. Pc babies complain about epic, but seriously look at this shit. Wow. And they couldn't even finish the story or use Gordon. Can't have a white guy anymore nowadays

  22. The economics of VR are pretty atrocious right now. In a time when companies sell 10 million copies of a game and claim it's a financial failure, only ONE PERCENT of Steam users own a VR headset (and this number's going down, by the way,) and obviously not all of them are going to be interested in Half-Life.

    It's kinda hard to start a snowball effect that requires people to spend an extra $400-1000 on top of their existing high end gaming system, even if enough people were interested in VR.

  23. @Pretty Good Gaming
    Thanks for another interesting video, and although VR is "Cool'N'All" I still think it will continue to be a "marginal platform" for many years to come
    And my reasons are the following:
    1) VR is still an "early adopter edge case" imo. Sure it looks "cool" and many people want to try it once. But it still can not in any way compete with an ordinary screen, or the "mobile platform" when it comes to "utility and versatility". Compared to the already existing "display tech" VR is a bit of a "one trick pony". And on top of that You can really only wear it for a "limited time, at least until the tech has advanced quite a bit..But will the "big actors" keep paying for that development if they can't see a "pay off" on the horizon??

    2) A VR-SetUp is still prohibitively expensive, Yes prices are comming down, but since VR-headset is a "one trick pony", It's not like paying for a powerful computer or a game console. A VR -headset can be used for "playing games for a limited session time" that's it.
    3) Finally, reason#1& 2 will "trap" VR in a "chicken or egg" situation, it won't be lucrative to develop VR content, becaues the target audience is to small. And it won't be worth "investing" in a "VR setup" because there isn't enought "content" developed.

    The only "solution" to this situation that I can see is if the tech that is used in VR-Setups gets MUCH much cheaper, quite possibly mostly due to the same "parts" being used in other "tech products".
    AND then the VR manufacturors also actually let''s this "saving" pass on to the consumer…Then maybe VR can "break through" in a couple of years… Otherwise it might even regress back to being a "niche product" only used in certain branches of tech…
    That's my "wild speculations"… I hope I'm wrong, it will be interesting to see how it unfolds.
    Best regards

  24. not playing this game as Alyx with a y is retarded, if you throw in an N between the Y and the X, what dyou get? A Lynx,. Whereas with the traditional spelling of Alex if you throw an N in what dyou get? A Lenx which is normal, what the fuck is wrong with people that they have to pretend to be illiterate just to make their kids names stand out? like, bitch calm down and accept a fucking normal name for your kids. smh

  25. Ill watch someone stream it… but im not buy a whole VR rig just for a NON HL3 half life game… to much money for one game that i only KINDA want.

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