Game Show – SNL

Marcy (Melissa McCarthy) doesn’t fare as well as Todd (Bobby Moynihan) and Dawn (Kate McKinnon) on Just Desserts.

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30 thoughts on “Game Show – SNL

  1. This skit seems a little more appropriate for a kids variety show such as All That rather than a show that has the capacity to actually be funny.

  2. Private TV, as it really works! Stupid, decadent, silly, sadistic and avoiding any content that would teach the audience anything helpful for their lives at all. A time waste as it worst.

  3. it's kinda satisfying seeing Melissa being tortured after seeing her being assholes in most of skits she's in 😂😂😂 love her

  4. Yo SNL, why did NBC kill the SNL app? I'd spend hours on it. Loved searching thru seasons, subjects, but my fav was picking a cast remember and having every skit theyve been in together and binging that cast member for hours and hours. Bring it back! Cant binge by cast member with vids just on YouTube!

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