FPX vs G2 – Game 1 | Grand Finals S9 LoL Worlds 2019 | FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 eSports G1

full Game 1 G2 vs FPX lol worlds 2019 Finals – G2 eSports vs FunPlus Phoenix. of Season 9 lol eSports World Championship 2019 in Europe.
LoL eSports S9 WORLDS 2019 – FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 eSports Finals | League of Legends Worlds 2019 G2 vs FPX G1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
First match of the day – G2 eSports vs FunPlus Phoenix best of 5 Game 1.
FPX vs G2 G1 full game in HD 1080p.

FunPlus Phoenix Line-up:
Top – Gimgoon Gangplank
Jungle – Tian Lee Sin
Mid – Doinb Nautilus
ADC – Lwx Sivir
Support – Crisp Thresh

G2 eSports Line-up:
Wunder – top Ryze
Jankos – jungle Elise
Caps – mid Pyke
PerkZ – ADC Varus
Mykix – support Tahm Kench

Patch: 9.19 – Season 9
Game date: 10.11.2019 | 11/10/2019 | November 10th 2019
Game place: Paris, France
Casters: Papasmithy, Kobe and Quickshot

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44 thoughts on “FPX vs G2 – Game 1 | Grand Finals S9 LoL Worlds 2019 | FunPlus Phoenix vs G2 eSports G1

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  2. 12:50 "best team fight the World has ever seen", yet no one dies. Also, stop with the "what goes up must come down" shit. Don't have anything more to say?

  3. Is G2 actually pro? The Chinese made this look like child's play. If G2 is American Trump should deport we don't need trash here.

  4. Funny to watch some kids palying a videogame. Did they even have any single hair on there balls ?
    Better go and clean the streets instead of wasting electricity.

    (By the way G2 played like bronze)

  5. Aren't they tired of playing on the same fucking map over and over for what, 10 years now? I got fucking bored after a few months. Came to see if it had changed and… nope. Still the same old shit.

  6. perks doesnt even anyone to spend time to trash him, "wont even be the second best mid in the final". follow me, s…h…a…m…e…, shame!

  7. g2 what the heck is wrong with their pick caps picking pyke seems like a poor decision and their game wasnt that good really what thw hwck is wrong with g2 this isnt their A game

  8. G2 is so dumb never give a pro player Lee Sin 3x in a row on a series because once they are in that Lee Sin mode its over not to mention its FPX lmao too bad Faker choked in semi and got G2 a.k.a Gold II to play in the finals

  9. All the SKT vs G2 matches were close, cept for the second game. But this Finals, G2 just got totally decimated by FPX. That first game score LOL. And the casters keep hyping G2 even when they lost 3 players in an attempted backdoor and also lost Elder + Baron. G2 has the caster bias and the loud crowd and still get smashed. I thought they were un-tiltable? This or That?! That's what toxic trash talkers get.

  10. 38:53 Look how ready G2 was to continue their afk constant push strat and potentially 3v1 dive whoever shows up, but FPX instantly react and send two members to stop it, leaving G2's base wide open. Can't cheese good teams

  11. Caps transfer to G2 and got into final again after 2018 FNC lost final to LPL IG. The history will repeat again if Caps transfer to another EU team. Caps is spy sent to EU team by LPL lol

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