49 thoughts on “Clash Explained | Clash – League of Legends

  1. I swear when are they going to have drop in tournaments. Its so hard to get a team together they need a nightly tourney where you show up for a tourney and drop your name in the hat. Get pulled into a team and start fighting. Clash is kinda stupid for people that are solo that want to play a tourney.

  2. Pretty lame. Why not give RP prize? Even if its 650 RP or 1350 RP.
    It's a weekly tournament and you would have to "win" the prizes are very lacking…

  3. Dark star mordekaiser PLEASE

    His Passive could be a galaxy

    His Abilities could be purple

    And when he Ults, you're sent to a galaxy dimension like Dark star chogath's recall

  4. How often does Clash open up? My team just placed second so do we get a banner on our profiles or is that something different?

  5. I just won the clash from yesterday and today, then I found out that Riot gives out the exact same rewards even you’ve won twice. Wow, disappointed.
    What should I do with my two trophies 🙁

  6. I don't see premium tickets anywhere in the shop. Anyone care to explain? Or am i just blind? xd It shows only the basic one

  7. Clash? You mean Crash right!? 😉 Wonderful idea but poorly executed. 1st time it was tested it had major technical issues, 2nd time it failed hard for just about every single team that signed up for it and now several of us don't want to waste any time signing up for another failure.
    It is frustrating to organize a team making sure everyone can be online etc. and then when the tourney kicks off seeing everything CRASH 😉

  8. They should just make clash pay to play, with cash prizes, no one cares about in-game rewards save for the 12-year olds

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