Barcelona vs. Inter Milan analysis: Suarez & Messi ease pressure on Valverde | UEFA Champions League

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Alejandro Moreno and Steve Nicol examine Barcelona’s come-from-behind win vs. Inter Milan at the Camp Nou. Nicol says “Luis Suarez showed his quality, but Barca’s front three continue to lack cohesion with the inclusion of Antoine Griezmann.” Burley notes that Barca “looked better when Antoine Griezmann was subbed off for Ousmane Dembele.” The FC crew also break down how Luis Suarez’s two goals were set up and praise Lionel Messi for his assist on the game winner.


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30 thoughts on “Barcelona vs. Inter Milan analysis: Suarez & Messi ease pressure on Valverde | UEFA Champions League

  1. Good point, what was Griezman thinking moving to Barca. Bad the bigger question is, what was Barca thinking giving 120 Million for him? Where should he play, did they think about it? I guess not, just a marketing move, at least it seems like it now.

  2. Watching the game live. Vidal changed the whole game when he got subbed in. Vidal De jong and Arthur is the midfield barcelona should play with.

  3. I hope espn gets LaLiga contract for the US broadcasting next year or that LaLiga can find a network like Premier league has w/NBC or Bundesliga has w/Fox sports….

  4. It was stupid decision to buy Griezmann. Coutinho actually started well with Barca. He just lost his form and confidence last year around November/December.

  5. Can they maybe move Messi in the mid behind the striker so he can make the distribution?.. But I really think Griezmann isn't going to do much

  6. i think its time for Busquets to sit on the bench… its Vidal's time. Busquets has always been key for barsa, but now he's too slow… barcelona needs faster tougher midfield. is just a matter of time for the forwards to click… 2:20 you've said it… Bqts too slow…

  7. Lutaro Martinez is the replacement for Griezmann……and Valverde Out!!! Can you imagine the 3 south Americans together???
    ….only South Americans can do that!!!

  8. The main change I saw after Busi's substitution is that Vidal played slightly higher almost no 10 position and pressed the defenders very well and De Jong and Arthur shifted into Double Pivot roles for more stability in mid and to supress the counter attacks.

  9. Valverde acts like he doesn't understand people's positions, constantly playing people out of position causing problems. G-man from what I can gather is the long term replacement. But right now he's a man without a position so he just plays wherever. Which is wasting him. Valverde's lack of concern for the physical could be why we are seeing so many repeating injuries. Something is wrong. Clearly he is not the man for the job. Even the players should see that now. No creativity. We should be playing like Man City. Instead of just barely beating people like we are.

  10. Neymar thinks more of the same as Messi and there's no any other even closer to Neymar so don't expect Griezmann to be Neymar. He's not that type of a player. He was never. He will never be.

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